Saturday, August 14, 2004

Long Live Jason Voorhees!

Its friday 13th, lets pay tribute to a demon-spawn friend Jason Voorhees! He who never fails to impress us with his indomitable strength and breath-taking killing antics. I love this movie and the eight sequels that followed, even if it had nothing to do with the films that preceded them. What i enjoy most was how calm and serene he appears killing horny people despite the chasing and screaming. And no matter how far a distance(even remote forest locations) he has to walk to keep up with his prey, he stands tranquil, never runs out of stamina.

Talking about air, i wonder how he lived under water. That's where he would usually end up at the end of the each sequel, chained and anchored with weights. Imagine the pressure down there? It could break anything but his hockey mask. Another thing, he has this sense of cool fashion. The "chic and sleek" blood thirsty murderer in leather suit and a hockey mask. He innovates and keeps up with the latest trends, there came his spandex and the titanium suit in jason x(please let jason rest in peace... with justice! that movie sucks!)

Jason left us a very important lesson, which most of his devout followers failed to grasp. If you're a horny bitch and wants to have sex all the time, you will die, and very painfully!!! Today's friday 13th, let's take this day as a celebration of one of the greatest and most revered horror psychos of all time. And please, abstain from sex, just for a day.

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