Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Carrion Beetle

My job is a bit boring. They call me an engineer when in fact I'm an architect. Soon to be. When I started, it took a week for my first words to come out while I patiently opened the gates for persistent applicants. "No vacancy, go back when the columns are up..." Those were the only words that come out of my mouth when I am in the site. The waste has to end so I painted signs to stave off would be applicants from knocking on the gates. But I must have ignored the fact that some of them might not even know how to read. So I continue to open and close the gates for them.

VW (very wicked) 2005
Carrion Beetle Triple X model

a defiler of man's mind with 6-speed automatic transmission and the shriek of its engine that can raise corpses.

Good thing I have friends to keep me alive when others are trying to fit in a rifle's muzzle in their mouths. A backhoe, which reminds me of angry little crabs brandishing its yellow pincers and a mini bulldozer. I'm not sure what it's called but she's certainly hot! She just arrived this morning and I think it is love at first sight. I didn't have the guts to introduce my self to her so I just stayed at my post, staring at the beauty from afar. I started to trace her features from where I am, not missing a single detail. And every line revealed her kind features, making me fall for her even more. I call her Leslie, and she's mine, all mine! (I'm bored)

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