Sunday, September 5, 2004

Life of a Superstar

i don't know what it is that makes me feel like this
i don't know who you are but you must be some kind of superstar
coz you got all eyes on you no matter where you are...-JAMELIA

I'm a superstar and it is never easy. I was once like you, I had wished for higher cheek bones and a physique like Bradd Pitt's, I envied those lucky bastards in glossy magazines for the testosterone level they had, I dreamed of becoming famous with a paint brush and my favorite color blue, I clamored for attention. I've done totally everything to be where i am right now. What's the secret? I don't have one, just read on.

My life has changed drastically the day I started blogging and signing up for free accounts on the web. With the help of technology, I've come full circle. My network of friends and admirers keeps on growing by the minute. A hundred page views a week on my friendster profile from three friends must mean something. Well, it doesn't matter, it's the figures that count. Wait a minute, my phone's ringing and I have to answer this. It was my boss asking if I could bring him some coffee.hehe That's what i am talking about, they just coudn't do their stuff without me. And as Jamelia sings it, I am a superstar and i got all eyes on me no matter where i are...heh oh heh oh heh oh!

Ok, so i wake up every morning with text messages on my cellphone from movie stars. I kid you not! Sexy stars like Diana Zubiri and Maui Taylor text me their whereabouts or the color of the sexy lingerie they're wearing! Well, i hope Christine Jacca calls me soon. Mind you, anonymous numbers are sending me love and inspiratonal quotes daily. And some generous network provider has been giving me ring tones for free! How lucky can a man be? And you're still not convinced?

My email is always flooded that I have to wade through countless emails from curious strangers all over the world. They are very much interested in my private life, I wonder why. Some of it were automaticaly directed to my bulk mail. Invitations to meet up with hot college chicks and orgies, liveshows through the webcam, newsletters and file attachments from unknown parties, which I think were intentionally sent just to catch my attention are just some of the stuff I have to deal with everyday. Some concerned fans are offering me larger mailbox capacity to accomodate all incoming emails. Hear this, my fans from tickle never fail to impress me with personal questions I haven't thought of asking myself. Questions like how well do I do in my career and how smooth I am i bed, what kind of a lover I am or what kind of star I am. I told you I am a superstar!

Now, could you belive it? Neither could i. I've made it to the limelight and I am now enjoying my 15 minutes of fame. It's not an overnight phenomenon but it's a feat greater than winning both love and $1M in a reality TV contest. Believe me, it feels so great being a superstar!

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  1. you are a freak my friend...i suggest you go back to The Sunshine Hospital..they all you there...hahahahahaha