Thursday, October 7, 2004

Better Than Sex

No such thing, my lady friend said condescendingly, filling the air with sexual undertones. I know where the conversation was headed so I eluded the apparent invitation by saying I'll try to find something absolutely better than that. We drank more tequila and a dangerous bet followed... So I woke up this morning and started it like most of my days had. It was spent on pumping iron and taking in 2liters of distilled water to replace fluid lost during the workout and last night's poontang.

It feels good having a healthy lifestyle, hot friends and a great sex life to come with it. This reminded me of the bet. So I decided to cool my self down with a 2kilometer walk home to think about where in this world I could find that wonder. Just when I had stumbled upon an internet cafe and thought why not look it up in the web. I started pounding on the mouse like crazy until Paris Hilton's soft bosoms flashed before my eyes. Hours went by unnoticed when I realized something as hard as a rock's aching in my pants. It's not because of the cock-teasing adverts but the 2L water I drank! I felt the urge to unload my gun but had eventually forgotten all about it.

Five hours passed and I decided to end the search. But now I can't stand! It's my bladder, it was burning like hell. I still had a 500-meter sprint home if I want to make it on time and sprint I did! I rushed to the comfort room and took out my gun. I was going to end the torment and extinguish the conflagration deep inside me. It was a torrential pleasure spelt as oooooOOOOOOOOHHH that followed. I held on for the longest two minutes(of course i may be exaggerating) of my life. It was sheer heaven if you ask me! It's definitely better than sex and its 10sec climax.

Btw, I won the bet and I'm going to sleep with her sister tonight.

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  1. Is it true about the sister?

    And between peeing and sex... why choose when you can have both! Haaa. Kidding.