Friday, October 1, 2004

To My Dad (Blasphemy ii)

Hi pa! It's me, your handsome son. I've been using the handle DEATHunmasked to protect our anonymity. And it sounds so cool, like I'm the allegory of So has it been five years since the last time we've had a serious talk? Oh...and it seemed just like yesterday. I'm sorry if it took me this long to remember. Let me rephrase that, I didn't forget you. I was only preoccupied with school stuff and work. Hey, I'm going to be an architect very soon.

Yeah, yeah... I haven't forgotten the shrine I promised you. I'm going to build it from the swag my client gives me. You see, he's a drug lord and I'm not allowed to mention the blob's name. I've only seen him once; and just his silhouette in a limo. Anyway, I'm so excited that I don't know what to say. So back to the shrine... I want it to be like those of porn stars' or Mickey Mouse's. Have you been to Disneyland? Just like that but more grandiose! It'll be awesome if your friends and devout followers have a place wherein they can convene. Then I'll hire immaculate dancers from the old bar you frequent to entertain them. Of course, virgins. I know you love them.

Don't get too excited. It's my humble way of thanking you for all the nice things that happened to me. I know you were the one behind my success. Talk about connections. Woohoo! But hey, I haven't forgotten the time I flunked arch 73. You know I hate numbers! Just like you, I tremble upon hearing numbers like 13 and 666; and when Thursday comes (or was it a Friday) my palms sweat like a pig's foot. Btw, thanks for sending Alan, he helped me through those exams. Was he not your idea? Come on, I know you well enough. Had it not been to him, I should have been curling up in a nook making up cheats for an exam right now. So kudos there.

But why didn't you warn me that life is full of shit? Didn't you know that I'd been through life's humbling ordeals and wished that I never had you as a father? I'm sorry if I said that dad, I said that out of desperation, thinking you left me for those virgins. I know I've been a bad boy and you know that I've been into a lot of fistfights that I've hardly won over. Was it because I never made any effort of memorizing your 10 tips on how to be a gentleman? No! It's because you didn't teach me self-defense. What does selflessness got to do with well-being? Ok, enough of these. Let me thank you for everything... and I mean it this time.

I hope you sleep well tonight, even if your followers incessantly call your name. Remember to wake me up when you hear me groan, recurring nightmares of you and a virgin have been pestering me. I don't want to die without a fight... I want to die a hero. Please, if you decide to take my life tonight, don't let me sleep through my own death. I want to experience and try to escape it. So what do you think was the reason I chose my handle? So that's about it.*virtual kiss* Before I forget, have you checked out Gsus's blog? Man, is he mad...and determined, just like your nemesis Lucifer, to depose you up there. And he's beginning to get in my nerves. Would you please do something? Or I will!


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  1. im sure daddy must have been proud of you. you seem to have a penchant for porn stars and virgins. ironic, eh?
    oh! and that g-sus blog. perverse, he is. i immediately exited his virtual hell upon seeing his welcome note.