Monday, October 18, 2004

Virtual Insanity

(More Than Just a Pretty Face)

2nd place Arkistry 2002
Presentation Technique Competition
"Mirrors: Reflections of Reality"

15"x 20" board
compact disc
wood varnish
silver spray paint

Artists: the arkitek and andoi

A mirror is a medium for liberating the mind with reality. It uncovers the superficial and reveals the inner sanctum of man. It is reflective of a person's failure and success, of dreams and frustrations, of hopes and regrets. It's also a catalyst for realization and a diagnosis for virtual insanity.

Virtual insanity is an illness that incessantly contributes to the downfall of a person. Insecurities, doubts and prejudice hasten its detrimental effects. Insecurities hide under the guise of deception, doubts aggravate cynicism and prejudice distorts reality.

the artists' interpretation...

Roger wears an occult countenance that hides the ugly face of reality. Images form and distort themselves along the grooves of this mask, painting it with colors of deception. Just like an ostentatious display that conceals a person's insecurities. Doubts adumbrate Roger's perception of reality, the way it confuse a person the essence of his/her existence. It diffracts the light of reality and splits it into a spectrum of doubts that is reflected back by its prismatic eyes. Roger is filled with prejudice like a person who failed to see what is true and meaningful, of what is within. Even light surrenders to total reflectance for it can't penetrate the insanity that has painstakingly encrusted ropes all over Roger's identity. These three create a blinding radiance, cloaking the tethers that imprison her in disillusionment.

Roger is the embodiment of a person that has fallen prey to virtual insanity and the mask as her asylum. A peek through the mask's eyes reveals a lost identity staring back, crying for change. Screaming for realization, for freedom from this insanity.

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