Friday, November 26, 2004

A Friend in Need is an Asshole

I hate helping people, ungrateful people that is. It has always been my weakness to help. I'm not superman but I find it very difficult to refuse even if I have to squeeze their requests in my hectic schedule. Some of them call me up only when they have problems or they need some of my services that I always offer for free. It's not a big deal; in fact I'd be grateful to that. At least I had the chance to meet up with old friends. Then here goes the ass-lickers kneeling before you and giving empty promises, which I never asked for in the first place. The truth is I'm always happy to help, just don't abuse my "generosity and kindness".

I have this lady friend, who borrowed money through a long distance call last summer and promised to pay me after a month. She said, the MERALCO sent her a notice of disconnection and gave her three days to pay her dues. Since I don't have any use for the money, I deposited it to another friend's bank account, saying I had to pay the bitch for the money I owed her. I didn't have any, just spared her the shame. Just to know that she had spent all her savings for a week's vacation in Boracay. Talk about how irresponsible she was.

I opted not to text her, not until she initiates a conversation with me. I didn't want to remind her of the money she owed me and I didn't want that either. Eons passed and her memory lapsed. We often see each other on bars and that angered me so much. I brought up the money issue and she promised to pay me if "she has the money". Putang ina naman! Ang kapal ng mukha! I wish I had grabbed that bottle of beer and broke it on her face. Okay, when she has the money.

After a week, I saw her with another group of guys at the same bar. But she didn't seem to recognize me. I ignored her and wished she'd pay me before I lose my control. But she didn't. So I texted her and demanded for the money but all the more she ignored me. She dropped my calls and "pretended" to be busy. Another month passed.

Then she texted me last night, "Putang ina naman!"

I don't deserve this!!! I was kind enough to lend you money, I saved you from an immediate relocation, I helped you with an illustration for your magazine, I never asked for compensation (I thought I'd receive this October), I was patient enough for you to settle your responsiblities, and I have been a friend to you!

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