Tuesday, November 30, 2004

How to Route Boredom

Tomorrow, I'll be walking the streets of Makati for my first day of work. Take it literally 'coz I don't have enough to make it through the week. My dad sent me my allowance this morning but unfortunately it's going straight to the processing of my academic and travel documents. Plus, I'm dating someone right now.Hehe I better keep this to my self 'coz she hates to admit that. She doesn't read my blog anyway.

Good news, I finally had a few pages of my portfolio printed on glossies. It's quite cheap for 40php with high quality prints. Services only the University of the Philippines can offer.

I'm getting really excited for tomorrow. I've been contemplating of a haircut lest shock my new officemates of a tsunami-like pompadour. That's what people get from watching jola films like "B'coz of U", wherein you would say that I'm actually more handsome than Diether Ocampo. Heart was hot in the movie by the way... unlike her conservative role in the soap "Hiram". Oh my G! Am i really writing this down?Haha I have to admit, I'm currently hooked with soap operas and the tsinovela, Lovers in Paris. It reminds me of myself. Yuck! Ang jola mo bakla!

How should I route boredom anyway?

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