Thursday, September 16, 2004

R.I.P.: Rot in Piss

Tell me, deity, who you are
coz today I can't with all that scar,
that nose flaring at stinking guts
and eyes that have murdered flat-footed mutts.
I'm sorry if I can't invite you in
I have my own life now, I must begin.

You speak for hours on end of your ideologies
I hope you open your ears to my apologies.
But you grip my scruff instead and beg I sympathize
FUCK YOU! I'll just spit it at your beady eyes;
You arrogant, self-reassuring WHORE!
I'll be damned if I can't get you on your four.

Weak, you slowly crawl to reach for my dick
oh, and I thought it was me whose head's gone thick?
This may not sound as good as your wicked rhymes
I better write down fuck you three(3) more times.
By the way, thank you for those nights spent in your arms bitch
I'll send the flowers you ask of me down this ceramic ditch.
Rot in piss...Witch!

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