Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Life Goes On

I took her out yesterday, to our usual walk to a neighboring sari-sari store. As we were nearing the place, I could feel the emotion building up inside me. I tried to hide the excitement but it didn't help. I smiled and held her tight like a child to his mother. The storekeeper greeted us with a toothless grin, she gawked at my generousity. Then she smiled knowing what it was, then left us alone.

She was despondent the past few days, silent when she would usually speak. So I stared at her, but not even a glance has she given me. I tried to touch her cheek but words ran down like a curtain of tears. I didn't catch all what she tried to say when she suddenly passed out. Appalled, I looked around, sought for help but my words failed me.

On the sofa, she seemed like sleeping beauty who has lain undisturbed for years. I carried her like a newborn in my arms, then laid her on our bed. The breezy silence could make one weep but i held her and kept my self from crying. A tear escaped my eyes and fell on her cheek. A familiar glow started to illuminate my dark world...she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

Thank God for that glorious reprieve. I had actually called my parents last night and told them about my plans of buying a new one. I love you Britney...Don't you ever leave me.

Note: Britney is my Nokia 7110 cellphone

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