Thursday, April 21, 2005

Fata Morgana

I met her down South Metro Park. She was a total babe. But what caught me in her bait were her sexy voice and her inviting eyes. She's got a gentle and kind spirit, and she likes adventure sports! Yeah, she's a drag racer and so what if I can only drug my rays? Whatever I meant with that, I'm just so madly into her regardless. She's also a mountain climber, but I'm glad at least I've got the rocks she can also climb (no kidding here!). I thought I could at least impress her with my tadpole level swimming skills, but she beat the crap out of me for a half-hour continuous freestyle lap over a 50 meter pool (damn!). I even tried raising the dusts off the clay court when we played tennis, but she made me eat dirt instead (damn! again). Not to mention the feathers off the shuttles she left fluttering in the air when we played badminton, the "ten" she "hung" on the surfboard, and many others...

Am I a loser? No, of course not! This walking six foot something of a hunk is a debonair and a master suave, a smooth operator. She wins, I lose, I get sad, she pities me, she comes over, and bam! The fly is trapped in Venus' lips! Haha! She likes it that way... sort of an ingenuisly fabricated Sassy Girl scene. And then we kissed, and rolled over, our bodies in passionate bliss...and then...the alarm clock sounded...the Alarm Clock! What the...? I'm awake? With one hand on my army and the sheets all flooded...

Oh well, tonight, I'll be seeing her again... perhaps in a châteauxin PatPong, aboard a limp lover's cruise across Victoria Harbour, drinking in Shinjuku, or maybe even down road's side lane in Que. Ave... Wherever... Whatever.

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