Monday, May 23, 2005

The Paramour

They've known each other for quite some time now. And I sit here as witness of the illicit love affair. He sits there for hours every morning, just so he could greet her first. He patiently waits for her in their favorite rendezvous like every meeting's just a second later of their goodbyes. On late afternoons, she walks up to him secretly, wearing conservative clothes to avoid suspicion. But none concealed the sexiness in neither her strides nor the excitement that is written all over face. Certain that no one's around to ruin the moment, she lifts his head like a lover on her first kiss, whispers some words of endearment and hands him a letter, which I think swears eternal love. Bullshit! Her face brightens up with every word he says. She closes her eyes as if anticipating the first kiss that would touch her cheeks. Even with her eyes closed, I know she's smiling within. Basking in the warmth only this gentleman could offer. Enough said.

My heart turns over with every move she makes and it sags under the weight of the jealousy everytime I see her with him. I'm envious of the attention she gives him, cursing and wishing it could have been me had I been months earlier. She got my heart the first time I saw her and I've been wearing it on my sleeves since then. I think my heart's broken with my wrist that keeps it in place.

With this broken wrist, I swear i'm going to unplug that photocopying machine!!!

Note: I'm not talking about anyone in particular.Hehe

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