Friday, July 11, 2008

Opposites Attract

She is an antipathy---the law of opposites. She is life and death, her presence is everywhere and nowhere, my strength and my weakness, she's crazy and beautiful.

She has a way with words, a twinkle in the eye and an angelic countenance that can calm storms. Her moods run the whole gamut of human emotions and incite recognizable feelings of longing and belonging. At one end of the spectrum she is energetic; on the other she is reflective. She laughs, she cries and she's beautiful.

I like it when she gives me the pat on the back and the high five that get me going. She gives me the will to live but she takes my breath away every so often. She claims to have the dibs on everything but she follows what I eat, she begs the question, she beats around the bush and she doesn't know what she already understands. Actions speak louder than words my dear. She is kind when she brushes my hair but she hits me if I don't care. And I love her all the same.

She is a lady of quality, thoroughly divine yet touchingly human and self-effacing. She has the face that could launch a thousand ships but she's truely a lady of peace. She is a demanding yet benevolent goddess whose acts and words are both stately and tender. She calls me master... when I'm just her slave.

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