Sunday, August 7, 2005

Teleut's Word

You stole my heart the moment I saw you, when it was really yours for the taking. It wasn't long, you felt the same way and we were inseparable. We had shared our deepest and darkest secrets, even your cellphone was mine to keep. It made you feel secure, you said. We both loved to play with snakes though you never qualified. But you'd get back to me with word games that made me tongue-tied.

I like the way you held those cigarettes between thumb and index finger, then pinky to your cheek. I laughed at the sight then you give me the finger. I'd laugh more, you'd laugh with me and we'd dance the unsynchronized boxer's footwork. A pretty face guarded by tender baby fists, I'd tease... as visions of forever passed through me. We locked eyes and you slowly took down your defenses. Closer and closer, just like the fairy tales I advanced. With my lips that mouthed a kiss...KAPOW! You hit me and we'd laugh our asses off.

I never won a match; I didn't throw a single punch. You beat me up but I'd still carry you around. On my back, you were my drunken Cinderella... before and after midnight. POOF! Remember the night when I almost lost you? I ran after you but you crossed the busiest street. Blinding lights and blowing horns chased you but not a glance had you given them. Angry stares separated us but they had only intensified your dares and you found your way back to me with a nasty victorious grin.

Today, I walk this once happy street with profound grief. And I can see you across, almost wraith-like wearing an inquiring smile. Your face... as pure and innocent as it was 3yrs ago. You never listened to my admonition, yet you went without precaution. Now that only this street separates us, I am here to keep my promise. With YOU, I want to rest in peace.

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