Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Touched by an Angel

She knew I lied when I was once asked if I believed in angels. Of course, she sees right through me. She knows what I like and what I'm like. And she always comes through when I needed her.

Just sit beside her and you will hear a familiar voice. Look straight into her eyes and you will see different colors. But don't stare too long for that is like staring at the sun. You will go blind. And her unmistakable beauty will haunt you like a ghost that lingers in the eye line. You could lose your self in the moment.... I had stared too long that I didn't notice her hand as she tweaked my nose. She just gave me a seraphic smile... that kind of smile that charms and torments. I saw her eyes smile with her and I lost my self all over again.

She is like a miracle, an unknowing captor who never knew how much she had changed me. The only haven of tranquility that I have but I couldn't touch. Now that I stand between her and goodbye, I can feel the ground beneath slowly dragging me away. Maybe it is time to go. I have closed my eyes just to see her face again... She is beautiful and she shines brighter than any other phospene. And the rest of my world has gone dim as she fades out with a tear.

I may be blind but I have seen an angel.

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