Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Queen's Gambit


... the queen advanced in strides, taking my unsuspecting pawn with a single blow. She now stood on a green behind two horsemen and a priest, waiting for another attack. Beginners luck. I was advancing to the left side where I'd take them by surprise. But before we could take a step further, a speeding arrow tore the silent atmosphere and hit the ground with a thunder clap. Then swooshing sounds followed as it started to rain fire arrows. My stunned spearmen regained consciousness and advanced without reinforcement. For a moment I saw hell broke loose... one by one my footmen hit the ground. And this made me smile. She was taking the bait, I trusted. They were zeroing in on my defenses and I was impressed with the aggressiveness and ignorance.

It was the 6th month of the battle when news of an assassination and sabotage spread like wildfire. This created a discord among the group and the high priestess had advised we withdraw and my seat be abdicated. I was in a trance as if the Gods had hit me with a storm bolt that eventually sent ripples of destruction within me. My heart dropped from that white promontory when I saw what had been laid to waste. All I could hear that time was my heart's endless descent into the great abyss. A pat on my back was enough to wake me up from the stupor.

The queen. I had let her come too close as to step on my own shadow. She reached out a hand and I saw a map that was tattooed on her right forearm. Could she be offering a draw? I was hesitant to take it but the fearless gambler that I am took the invitation. It was a two-week reprieve and things were going pretty well that time. I had learned that she was wearing the other pair of the ring that was given to me by, no other than, her sister and that she had traveled the Sun's favorite refuge where they painted everthing orange. I taught her how to do it right in exchange for a glimpse of her the tattoo. It was a scar of her suffering from her absentee king but I'd like to think it was emblazoned by the Gods as her destiny. Then and there, I'd like to take her as my own.

Q-d6+ K-e8
Q-e6+ K-f8
Q-d6+ ...

We were dancing to the tune of a perpetual check. "Should I relinquish my intentions of expanding my turf and take this queen or just learn from this plain bold strategist?" She leaned and whispered something to my ear...Ulol! Touch move tayo!

... K-e8


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