Thursday, June 21, 2007

Guess Who's Back

*tik-tik-tik*Is this thing working? Haller? ler...ler... Anybody der? der...der...

Guess I have this blog all to myself now. Good, coz I am just about to give it a face-lift. I already changed the ghastly "Army of Darkness" theme and gave it this heaven-like ambiance. The skeletons in my closet have come to terms with god, may their spirits rest in peace now.hehe A very scared visitor told me once, that she caught casper fade in and out somewhere in the pitch black background and that the coffin in it sent her the creeps. Well, the blog still has the exact coffin. But at least it's alabaster white and it doesn't look that scary anymore.hehe I am still in the process of reconstructing the site. I may have to delete inactive links, add artsy-fartsy buttons and fonts and maybe, just maybe... post a picture of my debonair smile. Orayt!

Two years is such a long time for me to recount all that has happened. And all that's left is this strict "no shrimp, no pork" diet for my memory gap. Well, this is my first entry after the long hiatus and I would like to dedicate this to a very special person... myself. Hope I like it.=P

1 comment:

  1. told ya, this one's better. morbid still but nice. makes me believe that the arkitek has his bright side. hehe. keep on updating ur blog...looking forward to ur every entry...