Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Two of Us Need Look No More

I never thought I'd see Ben again. But my mom told me it's his son. We never talk and he seems to avoid me everytime our paths cross. The most common of excuses are he's hungry or he's sleepy and goes to ransack the kitchen or doze off in my sister's bedroom. Sometimes he pretends to take a shower and hides in the bathroom for hours. One time, I caught him hiding behind the curtain, hoping I might confuse him for a chameleon. I gave him a smile and he scrambled his way out the window, dragging his tail behind.

I remember those days when I used to hunt them with my little sister who then was comfortable wearing only a panty and was always busy sucking her empty bottle. Once inside our bedroom it was sudden death. No one could get past the door the way my sister was there with a broom as small as she was and her empty baby bottle. I crushed them with a typewriter(just imagine how I did this) and trapped(imagine another kung ano inabot nila) those who escaped with a flypaper. I had to chase them like a cat and when I was through toying with them, I ate them raw. My sister on the other hand could trample a mouse with her bare feet. Later on I learned that she was just hopping in terror when she accidentally stepped on one. And so when they made another desperate dash toward us, we just rushed to climb the bed. We were a formidable team.

Though we seem to possess an unfair advantage over our miniscule adversaries, the battle was in fact, evenly matched. I got to know Ben, my nemesis. He was baldish and scabby, quite agile for his age. He was the one who called for reinforcement and waged a house-wide attack. Along with his brethren, they gnawed  holes on walls, door jambs and my projects. They shit on top of the gas range, on my clothes and just to make a show of it, on my sister's hello kitty stuff toy. They raped my white mouse and spawned hamsters. They proliferated exponentially and we were outnumbered.

Next thing I knew, we had a cat.

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  1. hahaha! i can almost imagine the ruckus the two of you had. tsk, tsk... poor Ben.