Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm 26 and No Signs of an Art Exhibit

I planned to have my solo art exhibit at the age of 25 but circumstances like the shortage of paper and my sojourn here in Japan prevented me from completing the 12-artwork series. I've waited 6 months for the supplier to produce the paper but I guess I have to wait a little longer.

I'm already 26 but the child in me has been awakened when I bought the Evangelion Test-Type 01 model as a birhtday present. It was in 1998 when I first laid my eyes on it and fell in love. It was here in Japan that we met again, all new with its grand scale and heavy armament, I didn't have a moment's thought of letting it slip away. I havn't assembled the model yet, just making a few more preparations for a night or maybe a week of intense love making. Orayt! Nine long years but definitely worth the wait.

Fujisan. Two months here in Japan but never had a single view of the stealthy Mt. Fuji who's like a ninja hiding in a smokebomb of clouds. Except for two instances, which include a trip to Izu where I viewed and tried to take a photograph of it from the other end of the island. Yes, tried, which translates to the word failed. Damn the auto-focus feature of lenses! I promise not to leave Japan until I have a decent picture of the ninja. But since today's my birhtday, I'll treat myself to a Mt. Fuji Climb!

(originally written August 31, 2007, more of the Mt. Fuji and Tokyo escapade as soon as the arkitek recovered from the trauma)

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