Sunday, September 16, 2007

Piktyur, Piktyur!

I don't know what I'm up to lately. It seems to me that there are lot of things I need to learn, read, write, draw, paint , paint digital, shoot, edit , upload, and find. Books, letters, blog entries, original characters and commissions, photographs, layouts, submissions, house, etc. But my situation and laziness don't allow these. And it's frustrating. It's hard to take one baby step at a time when your peers walk in strides. Sometimes I just wanna recede to the sidelines and sleep for the rest of my lazy life.hehe

Yesterday, I joined a Food Photography Workshop that was sponsored by my former boss in exchange for a photoshoot. It's not a bad deal since I'm going to learn, earn and apply what I learned before I totally forget everything(Magic square, not magic box!). The workshop was conducted by Ricky Ladia who happens to be the lead photographer of my boss's cousin. He's the man, a generous and humble friend who is always willing to share his seat of the pants technique in food photography.

After the workshop, I learned that I can have a home studio set up for half the cost of my strobe! It's that cheap! Now I can shoot nude girls at home!hahaha!=p Which reminds me... I don't own any studio! F*#k it! I will post pictures of the hot girls later this week! Damn, and I don't even have my own PC!

Finished reading Macarthur(Bob Ong) & Of Love and Other Demons(Gabriel Garcia Marquez).

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