Friday, May 30, 2008

Like a Virgin II

Read Part 1 Here

Embarassed by his obvious motives, he kept his distance and only talked when he was asked. He looked like a parlorista who just lost a client. We went to Kawasaki to check out camera accessories. He bought several filters while all I can afford was a lens cap. He offered to pay for it but I refused and returned it to the shelves. If he only bribed me with a wide angle lens, then I might have paid him a quick glimpse of my butt crack. But I didn't want to give him any more reason to take advantage of my beautiful body.

Next stop was Ueno park; he was like an inday who just had her first day off and got lucky with an unsuspecting dodong. He was clicking like crazy, taking pictures of anything that crossed his way and happily reporting them to me in a pirouette. Annoyed, the most I could do was nod in approval. But I needed a place to stay in for the night and gave him an additional pat in the head. I could have opted to sleep with the homeless in the park but the Mt. Fuji trip was too great of an opportunity to give up.

We were both exhausted and hungry from a whole day's worth of walking so we headed straight to KFC. I paid this time. It was easier to eat in here without the hashi. I can only tolerate using them on ramen and sushi. It was already dark when we finished our meal and fear started to roil inside me. I couldn't believe that I was marching toward my apparent death. All I could do was pray.

The moment we entered in his slaughterhouse, I asked for coffee. I planned on caffeine overdose so I wouldn't fall asleep. But this only worsened my palpitations and I had difficulty hiding my uneasiness. He could already smell fear that time so he gave me a towel and showed me the shower. Base from personal preference, I know that body odor would extinguish even the hottest of desires so I passed. But there's no taming this starved predator, he called me from inside his room asking for assistance. I expected to see him in a lingerie but much to my disappointment(it would have been a good laugh) he was sitting in front of the computer in a PJ.

He was showing off the number of views and comments hes getting from flickr. Frankly, he's the type that would stare at the tube all day and answer every comment he receives. I excused myself and told him that my feet wanted to rest. He insisted that I sleep beside him on his single bed but I dismissed his idea of luck by saying I wasn't going to sleep and headed to the couch.

I read some of the magazines that were only there for show, covering my crotch with a throw pillow. From time to time, he called and I answered as lively as I could. He wouldn't catch me sleepy!hehe But the effect of coffee was wearing off and I caught myself in a prone position with the throw pillow securing my ass. Fortunately, he fell asleep. His snore was like a lullaby that drove me to slumberland. I woke up instantly when I sensed that he stopped snoring but I couldn't see him prowling anywhere near. I checked the time, it was 1:55am and I had only slept for 5min! I tried to sleep when he started to snore again. But I failed.

It was 4am when he woke up and was surprised to find me still awake. I just smiled and said: "Told you I wouldn't be able to sleep, Mt. Fuji excited me that much." And gave him the finger when he turned his back. "Pakset ka, di mo ako pinatulog!"

I survived that night ok, but it didn't end there. There's still the Mt. Fuji trip.;)


  1. haha! to mt. fuji... pwede sanang pang-brokeback mountain... malas na lang nya u're too much of a straight guy...

  2. wala pa ba ang part 3? bitin eh!

  3. ate: malas ko rin noh, di ko tuloy naenjoy masyado yung trip without worrying about what hed do to me.:P

    adechan: malapit na, baka pag nakarecover na ako sa trauma.hahaha