Monday, May 26, 2008

Yes, You're Invited

Guess I had one too many when a heavy hangover greeted me this morning. It was just like one of those nights that we normally spent back in college. Flat broke, we enjoyed the company of friends in a congested, smoke filled dumpsite in Park 9, Katipunan over a plate of pancit canton while playing charades. Last night as we waited for the pregnant celebrator to arrive, we decided to play our old past time. The air suddenly got heavy as the competition was heating up. Everyone was in a competitive mood agreeing on signs and clues; I wished my long time partner Babs was there.

My team's first actress was her heavier twin sister Yvonne who was greatly affected by her boyfriend's alleged cheating. She is very good and we got the first movie title right. The other team evened it out just as easily. Then my turn to act... I guess I was a mime during my past life and was so good at it that my team never let me go as their actor. Movies like Bacchanalia and Caligula were so easy for me to act out syllabically that they resorted to Brother Sun Sister Moon: The Life and Stories of St. Francis.haha Then everbody started to miss the nerdest of the pack, Takejiro, for her out of this world movies.:P We ended with a draw.

The hangover was worth it and my head cleared when I received this SMS:
Congratulations. You have been chosen as one of the semifinalists in the MADE waterbased media category. Please send your actualwork at the....

The news made my family and friends very proud and extremely happy. I guess my first exhibit will come sooner as expected. Public viewing will be on June 6 and 7, place TBA.


  1. Awww your post made me feel horribly nostalgic. *wipes tears*
    Congratulations for making the semifinals! It's sad that I won't be able to make it...Please do take pictures.

  2. YEBAHHHH! Congrats sa semfinals mo!!! super happy ako! :) keep it up dear friend!!!

  3. takejiro: we miss you dai. i hope we can play charades next time you go home. i'll post my entry after the public viewing this friday.:)
    mall: thank you. iba na yung inspired ng gawa mo eh.;)

  4. congrats bay! i'll check out your masterpiece. pano pumunta dun?