Thursday, November 17, 2011

Taking a Back Seat

Hooray! I'm finally done with our home renovation and was just right in time for my nephew's 1st birthday. All the designing and supervision, party preparation, and creation of the Shah Mat II series have been strenuous for me that I need to take a break from everything. So you won't be hearing from me for a while  (that's been always the case in this blog) until I have something new and exciting to share.:D So just follow me in my twitter and facebook for WIP's and other news if you wanna get updated with what I do.

The above photo is not of our home but the penthouse unit housing the set of my artworks embroidered on backrests of these chairs. Just click any of the two chairs below to get a closer look at the detail.

To all those who emailed me asking about Shah Mat II and other commissions, thank you! I'll reply to you as soon as I get home. To everyone else who are interested in acquiring the whole Shah Matt set, just email me for the next email update. Cheers!


  1. your home is gorgeous, spacious and looks so inviting. love your chairs. wonderful celebration to you all.

  2. Oh my! Your maid's quarters are fantastic! ;) Can I be your maid????

    Your chairs look so awesome there. They look quite comfortable too. Lucky people who will be seated at that table. What is that, by the way? Is that the grown up table, and back there is the kiddie table?

    Hope you're having the time of your life!

  3. wow this is really impressive! Your art covers all sorts of canvases even chairs! So lovely =]

    keep it up.

  4. when i came across your unique incredible illustrations, i remembered you from renee. senior angel renee.

    you are most talented, bjornik. it's nice to be here.

    best wishes,