Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Tale of Bai Chu the Bloodthirsty

Hundreds of years ago, there lived an infamous Commander General named Bai Chu. Bai Chu was feared by enemies and friends alike, for he was a fierce and ruthless leader, and he inspired the utmost dread in those who would oppose him. Incredibly ambitious, he hungered for power and plotted to take over the world with his army of fearless warriors. Tales of how Bai Chu would behead his foes and drink blood from their still-beating hearts were especially terrifying, and mothers would tell them to frighten disobedient children. “If you are bad, Bai Chu will come for you in the night!” they would caution a wide-eyed child.

One dark and stormy evening, in unexplored forested lands of Calinan after a bloody battle, Bai Chu lay restless in his tent. While devising plans to gain more strength and conquer more nations, he thought he heard mournful voices outside. Instantly alert, he quickly came out to investigate, and very soon he was lost in a huge forest where the very trees seemed to whisper in the wind. Suddenly, an old lady appeared in front of him.

“Help me, O great warrior, for I hunger so”, she croaked. Bai Chu scoffed and raised his weapon in anger! “Fool crone! Know you not who I am? I am Bai Chu the bloodthirsty, the long-lived, the mighty! I will put you out of your misery!” But before he could lower his weapon to take her head, the old woman vanished, the wind seemed to beat and howl, and in her place a beautiful diwata appeared. She spoke with the voice of the wind:

“O Bai Chu, in your arrogant pride you have become so small. From this day forth, I curse you to hunger, to be insignificant and ignored!

Bai Chu the bloodthirsty: I make you a blood drinker.
Bai Chu the long-lived: I make you immortal.
Bai Chu the mighty: I make you smaller than a tiny child’s plaything!

The spell shall only be broken when your heart becomes true. It is done!”

And that is how Bai Chu the Bloodthirsty became the cutest, smallest vampire to ever exist. He refers to everyone he meets as his Dark Minions. As he is too small to really drink a large human’s blood, he subsists on blood oranges, which he finds are surprisingly delicious. It is not uncommon to find blood oranges near him, with two tiny tell-tale teeth marks. Bai Chu is still quite fearless, and likes to run at his enemies ferociously screaming his own name: “Bai Chu! Bai Chu! Bai Chu!” From a distance, it sounds like a small voice is yelling “Biteyoubiteyoubiteyou!” from somewhere around your ankles.

Character Information:

Bai Chu: (Bite You)
Talisman: “I Hunger!”
Height: 5 1/2" inches
Material: Resin Body and Magnet
Edition Quantity: 35pcs

The miniscule vampire stands approximately 5 ½” tall (you may need to stoop down quite low to hear him shouting “Biteyoubiteyoubiteyou!”as he is very very small). He is cursed with a rigid resin body emulating the smooth vampiric skin of his kind, and a neodymium magnet that pulls him towards your refrigerator (an indignity Bai Chu will probably never forgive you for).

His magnetic restraining talisman with the words “I Hunger” written in beautiful Chinese calligraphy is removable, and you may need to reattach it should Bai Chu prove too much to handle!

Will you be Bai Chu's jailer, or his accomplice? Will you try to change his wicked ways, or help him achieve world domination? Whatever you choose, you better have some blood oranges ready before he comes home with you. Stay tuned for the mighty Bai Chu's announcement!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Changing Lanes

It's my great honor to be featured by a passionate group of young and talented creatives in LIEU Magazine's current issue! Read about it at Also featured are my fellow Davaoeño artists and my current favorite, Alleycat Tea House. Photography by Aidx Paredes.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chigorin Counterattack

I've been drawing a lot of chess-inspired artworks lately. Here's the first of them and one of my favorite openings when playing black.

Chigorin Counterattack
9 x 12"
Pen and Ink, 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ang Harana

Earlier this month, I got invited to take part in a show at Gallery Nucleus that opened last night. Entitled "Terra", it is a showcase of artworks inspired by nature. Below is my contribution:

"Ang Harana" (The Serenade)
8 x 10 inches
pen and ink, 2014

I've been wanting to take in their shows and I'm so happy that I finally got the chance. I was able to show this alongside artists whom I'm look up to for inspiration. You can check out all the artworks at Gallery Nucleus.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mayari Dunny

I first learned about vinyl toys around 5 years ago. It was also then that I first participated in a comic convention and got to see them up close. I instantly fell in love with the Kidrobot Munny but battled myself from buying one. It was only a year after that I finally gave in when a friend of mine was willing to get one for me while I was stuck in the venue for the same event.

I've been customizing toys for three years now and it is still difficult for me because I don't have direct access to any stores that sell them. But thanks to my ever supportive friend Bella Sinclair, she buys them on my behalf and carries boxes after boxes of toys to the post office with her strong noodle arms.:D Really, I can't imagine my toy life without her.

The last box of toys that she sent was very different though. It was so surreal when I opened it as it contained the artist's proofs of Mayari Dunny. It is the special edition toy that I designed for Kidrobot. Yes, the same company that created the Munny. They asked me if I would like to work with them about a year after I created a chess set made of Dunnys. It was a dream come true given how much I enjoyed customizing their toys! 

There are two color variants of my design and will be available tomorrow, March 27th at 11am EST. Mayari Black is available at select retailers while Mayari Red is available exclusively at Kidrobot retail stores and Each Mayari Dunny retails for $14.99.

And they also have a product preview posted in their website HERE. Honestly, I still can't believe that they are now selling my design. I think I will still try to get Mayari red just to satisfy my toy obsession. I hope you do too!:)