Friday, July 25, 2008

A Minute Spent, A Life Saved

Last Tuesday, my friend Dra. Grace Anatomy of the Cancer Institute Foundation asked for my help with a fund raising campaign they had for cervical cancer patients. I didn't know what to expect and I was getting a bit nervous the night before. The venue was at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel and I was just about to make caricatures for the GlaxoSmithKline conference. Tough luck, I had not brushed up on my speed and I was to give them atleast 10 caricatures.

A beautiful girl named May was the first one to sit for me. Honestly, I was a bit awestruck by her beauty and I just want to chat with her. My hand was trembling and I was ready to die of shame. Good thing one of the doctors brought a dslr with her and took a photo of May. It took me almost an hour to finish a colored caricature of her and by the way things were going, I could have only drawn about 5 people until the conference's over.

After lunch, people were lining up for the very cheap caricatures and by then I was just dumbly accepting instructions from clients. Not minding if I could finish all of them on time. Good thing Grace's a doctor, she saved my life by helping me out with the other orders. I think she made 7 caricatures and a little over 10 were left for me. It has been an enjoyable activity and I would surely do this again next time. Well maybe after they cure my prostate cancer.:P

Caricature: happy days during my stay as graphic artist in Solar Entertainment Corporation


  1. my ever dearest long lost boy bf,
    as what i always tell you, you are so oo talented and will be more blessed because you share your gift for a good cause. i know everything will fall into it's right place and into it's right time.
    btw, when are you going to make me my own caricature? hehehe!!! im still preparing for the live drawing session we'll have this december. hehehe!!! i'll be seeing you soon! mwah mwah!!

  2. Hi girl gf! Thank you for your kind words. It looks like you guys influenced me on this. I'm keeping my promise though, let's just hope ate Louise calls me up. Magpapayat ka na rin.hehe Take care!:)

  3. Ngayon ko lang nabasa. Ang landi mo hahaha :P

    Andami mong raket ah.