Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ang Harana

Earlier this month, I got invited to take part in a show at Gallery Nucleus that opened last night. Entitled "Terra", it is a showcase of artworks inspired by nature. Below is my contribution:

"Ang Harana" (The Serenade)
8 x 10 inches
pen and ink, 2014

I've been wanting to take in their shows and I'm so happy that I finally got the chance. I was able to show this alongside artists whom I'm look up to for inspiration. You can check out all the artworks at Gallery Nucleus.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mayari Dunny

I first learned about vinyl toys around 5 years ago. It was also then that I first participated in a comic convention and got to see them up close. I instantly fell in love with the Kidrobot Munny but battled myself from buying one. It was only a year after that I finally gave in when a friend of mine was willing to get one for me while I was stuck in the venue for the same event.

I've been customizing toys for three years now and it is still difficult for me because I don't have direct access to any stores that sell them. But thanks to my ever supportive friend Bella Sinclair, she buys them on my behalf and carries boxes after boxes of toys to the post office with her strong noodle arms.:D Really, I can't imagine my toy life without her.

The last box of toys that she sent was very different though. It was so surreal when I opened it as it contained the artist's proofs of Mayari Dunny. It is the special edition toy that I designed for Kidrobot. Yes, the same company that created the Munny. They asked me if I would like to work with them about a year after I created a chess set made of Dunnys. It was a dream come true given how much I enjoyed customizing their toys! 

There are two color variants of my design and will be available tomorrow, March 27th at 11am EST. Mayari Black is available at select retailers while Mayari Red is available exclusively at Kidrobot retail stores and Each Mayari Dunny retails for $14.99.

And they also have a product preview posted in their website HERE. Honestly, I still can't believe that they are now selling my design. I think I will still try to get Mayari red just to satisfy my toy obsession. I hope you do too!:)

Sunday, February 16, 2014


So I was trying to make blogging a weekly thing. Unfortunately, I don't think I could ever commit to updating this space regularly. As promised, here's one of my recent pen and ink drawings that a friend asked me to do.

30 x 15"
pen and ink, 2014

This is not the biggest pen and ink drawing I've done but it sure is the most intricate. I tried counting the lines but I stopped when I reached 1,023. There's no point when I knew I had to deal with over a trillion lines, countless hours and several cups of coffee just to bring my friend's two-year wait to a halt. Thanks to her for being equally patient that I was able to pull this off.

I wish I could put more close-ups of the details but there's just too many. Anyway, below are some early line art I posted over at instagram. You can follow me HERE if you wanna get updated with the things I do aside from pen and ink.

Yes, there is a smaller drawing!:)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Mai and Ciara

Hi! I'm back to drawing in pen and ink again. I guess I've been too busy making toys that I forgot how fun drawing on paper is! I was surprised at how difficult it was to transition back from painting toys and putting those characters inside this intricate illustrations.

But I'm relieved to know that my wrist has fully recovered from CTS and I'm able to draw again without feeling any pain. Below is a whimsical portrait of a mother and daughter who enjoy both my toys and drawings. This one's for them, a Filipino-Chinese version of Mother and Child.

I'm also working on an exciting new project. Something that I didn't expect given where my focus was the past year. I'm posting some of its WIPs and sneak peeks over at instagram but if it's not your thing, check back next week for my most intricate drawing to date.