Monday, October 27, 2008

Calatagan Project Update

On the morning of my sister's 18th birthday, I was awoken by a phone call regarding a money transfer. That was the last time I heard from them. I had patiently waited for Mrs. Dee Zobel, the wife of the late Enrique Zobel, to come back from a month-long trip and hoped that she commissions the project we had previously talked about. But summer passed and there was still no word. I am not in the position to inquire anyway. For people of her stature, all you can do is wait.

It was at Le Souffle, almost a year ago, when I first met her. Still shocked from the short notice of the meeting, I failed to make an impression. Thanks to my ever supportive boss for the much needed introduction, she managed to look and talk to me after an hour when my boss excused himself to the toilet. We talked about this project and asked for my contact details. I had never imagined that I'd eventually get the project nor talk to her in person in my entire life. Like any other successful person, she is never late. Just a tip: if you have the chance to get an appointment with her, make it a point to be 30 minutes early. My 15 was always not enough.

After 7 months, I finally received a call from the EZ foundation. My artworks are now in the printing press so I guess the long wait is over.


  1. huwaw. not just rubbing elbows with high society eh? congrats bay. may copy ka na ng final print bay?

  2. nosebleed kamo!haha my artworks were printed in shirts, mugs and paper bags ata. i'm not sure though. but i think they'll have it ready by summer as part of their effort in promoting calatagan.