Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Renee!

I'm half naked, anxiously waiting inside this cake for the ladies to give me the cue. I hope I remember the steps correctly with this freezing weather. The coldest I've ever been to was inside a moviehouse when I sat next to the ACU. Hey ladies, are we there yet?

I was eight when I wrote my first love letter and I just copied it from my classmate. I was thirteen when I had my 2nd love letter written by a female buddy who today is a very good poet; and I won my first girlfriend's heart because I'm a cheat. Hey ladies... it's pretty dark in here.

Truth is I'm a very lousy writer, especially when it comes to "love" or admiration. Unfortuantely, I'm too old to be asking for help in writing another letter. This time, it's for a very special lady who literally swept me off my feet the first time I entered her intellectual abode. Since then, I've been following her like a homeless puppy that she feeds with food for the soul. She always leaves me scratching my head with my foot, "what's that supposed to mean?" Even so, I enjoyed eavesdropping to her conversations. It's a strange feeling bordering on adulation that I last felt for the empress in Neverending Story when I was 10. She's very funny, intelligent, straightforward and from the way I envision her, she's far more beautiful than the empress. I think I'm addicted to her, obsessed maybe. Ooohhh Renee...Brrrrr... It's freezing cold in here.


*dances and chills to the tune of Careless Whisper* Come on people, visit Renee's blog and send your birthday greetings. There's plenty of cake for all of us. Let's party!

PS: I had the privilege of collaborating with great artists I met here in blogging. Aside from that, they are also my very good friends. From left to right: Ces, Linda, Bella and moi! Background is the wonderful oak trees of Ces.


  1. Honey, I think you wrote the most perfect love letter! Now shhhhhh...stay in there just a little bit longer....

  2. Hey Mr. he he he! I just left a long message over at Bella's blog about this wonderful and fantastic thing that you guys put together with Linda and Ces!!! HOW FANTASTIC IS THIS!!!! OMG! I cried of course because I'm like that! This is just so wonderful and I had to drop by to tell you. Thanks of course for coming by. I know how busy you are, but thanks anyway! YOU ROCK DUDE!!!! he he he! have a great weekend.

  3. Bjornik, I wish I was 24 again and single. I promise you you won't be cheating. But here you are. I love you, you little rascal! I walked the halls in Diliman in the late 70's and any young man from U.P. is automatically my idol. You did a beautiful tribute to Renee. She is indeed special, quite amazing and one peacemaker and spreader of love. Do you know I only started visiting her since March 2nd? You think she's known me since I was six. You are a special young man to think of this tribute. Any lady would be blessed to have you and no wonder Renee loves you!

  4. You are a poet - beautifully written! I love reading how loved and adored Renee is. I want to see the "after the cake got eaten" pic...may I be so bold to sign of with a couple of xoxo's, Shelly

  5. Bjornik I am giving you the biggest smooch probably by the biggest woman (217 pounds) you have ever smooched with. It is of course chaste, no freaking you out when you pop out of that cake.

    Bjornik you have touched my heart with the loveliest love letter I have ever had the good fortune to receive. I love it. You need no help in the word department.

    I think you should slip out of the cake and just cuddle on the couch with a nice cup of tea and a blanket, I will tell the girls that you are still in the cake and give you plenty of warning when to pop back in.

    Between you and I, I kinda think Ces, Linda, and Bella are being bitches by forcing you to stay in the cake when they know it is cold and you have no clothes on.

    Bjornik on a serious note again. I love the picture and I love what you have started, and I love what you have written.

    It means the world to me.


    Love Renee

  6. Yes Bjornik it was me who couldn’t help but comment on your amazing artwork (you were my first) as I had never seen anything like it before. Renee has been trying to reform me of late but as she told me in the past I am a hard sell. I like to consider myself a harmless little fly on the wall and really enjoy the banter, wit, humor between you, Ces, Linda, Bella and Renee - not some Lurker – that word sounds so crazy dismal don’t you think?

    I love the cake and especially that you put yourself in it!! Still hoping for the “after” pic though.

  7. hey bjornik!!! awwwe that was way too sweet!! you are perfect at writting love letters! don't give up...never give up!;)

    now don't eat to much cake or you'll catch cold...okay??...ALTHOOOUGH u may really win her over that way...hmmm it's a thought...hehehe.

    party on my dear friend!..

    happy birthday to Yenny!!!!!!

  8. I do agree with Bella and you all make a great team.
    Just so beautiful and excellent:)

  9. okay i am going to try this again...i posted a comment for u and several for beautiful renee and i don't think u are getting my comments.???

    i just wanted to tell u that you are a beautiful writer...don't give up ..never give up bjornik.

    don't eat to much cake or u might get a tummy ache AND catch cold.

    so glad to call u my friend. :D btw love your new drawing..outstanding!!

  10. Well, I think you've written an amazing love letter to Renee here - straight from the heart. It's hard not to find that clarity and beauty when we talk about or to Renee - she brings out the best in us all with such ease. I'm loving this collaboration and am so happy to have been introduced to such a fine group of generous and creative folks! Now, go get warmed up :)

  11. Shelly, if you're Renee's sister then you're definitely a wonderful lady too. I can also tell by the way you wrote that lovely tribute to your sister. You can smother me with xoxo's all you want. Oh I can't do that, you'll find out where I hide all the cherries.haha

    xoxo to you little fly!

    Oh Renee, I wouldn't mind just let those girls enjoy the elm trees outside so I can have you all to myself for now. You don't know how grateful I am to you for simply being there and for sharing your world with us. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!


  12. Now what woman, wouldn't want you jumping out of a cake? How wonderful this is! Not only is your pen work overly fabulous and amazing, it seems that your heart is too! I bow, to the lovely young man in the cake...:)

  13. Bjornik I had a wonderful birthday.

    I want to thank you again and again and again.

    My sister Shelly (mother of 3)has a crush on you. Did you know she comes and looks at your work over and over and over.

    That little fly.

    Bjornik, can I have a copy of that banner picture with you in the cake? I don't know who has the final copy. I would love to frame it, so that on bad days I remember I matter.

    See I am pushing the envelope already.

    Love you and did you give your Mama a big kiss from me yet?

    Love Renee

  14. LOL I hope you're out of that cake by now. If not wait fro the que... when you hear that old 90's soulful song "Candy" by Cameo play... perfect "pop out of the cake song"...

    Wonderful illustration as always. I hope Renee had a wonderful Bday! With such a good friend I'm sure she did!

    Walking away singing..."It's like candy. I can feel it when you walk. Even when you talk it takes over me. You're so dandy. I wanna know..." LOL

  15. Oh my goodness, a birthday tribute of the most high order. What a splendid celebration of a good day - and made even more spectacular by your wonderful words and quite staggeringly gorgeous drawing. I must go and explore your blog in great detail right now this minute. I have a very strong feeling that I'm hooked forevermore.

  16. Oh, and please may I be the geko on the tree? Just for today?

  17. Bjornik where are you? I'm thinking of you.

    Love Renee xoxoxo