Friday, March 6, 2009

An Indian's Mitre

Intricate, complex, bizarre and unique are the words most often used to describe my works. Unlike what I have been used to painting, the artworks you see here are products of my desire to explore my creativity. If truth be told, I really don't understand the word and until now I can still hear my former boss saying " mean you're not creative? HAHAHAHAHAHA!". Laugh all you want MJ.:P

So here's another piece from the Shah Matt series. The black bishop as a tribute to the true masters of the game. I'm not quite fond of this artwork, my creative juice dried up after Henry's O-O-O and I just had to get back to this when all the 11 pieces were finished.

"An Indian's Mitre"
11 ¾ “ x 16 ½“

I just hate it when my dad opens with the Indian Defense! I'll tell you why in the white bishop's post. So for first timers, you can subscribe to this blog via RSS. Here are the details, enjoy the intricacy!

indian defense


  1. Wow---this is incredible---so much to see! I love the way you stippled the shadows. Very nice work ; )

  2. what a cool piece....lovely work!!!

  3. I couldn't help from laughing when I saw this week's word. It's couldn't have been a more perfect word for you and Ces!

    I am enjoying this series immensely. How I wish there were a real set based on your characters. Your mismatched bunny slippers make me laugh. I love how many of the elements are tied together with your sprinkling of leaves. And is that a tiny boat waaayyyy down there at the bottom? I just cannot tell you enough how amazed I am by your level of talent and yes, your creativity.

  4. My goodness gracious! how the heck do you that!!! It's just amazing. I could just sit here for hours looking at your work! Great scott!!!!

  5. Oh my, thank you so much for your kind words everyone! Now I'm loving this piece.haha

    Kathy, were friends in flickr now.

    Vanessa, you can have one of the bishop's drink while looking around. Thank you for the compliment.:)

    Bella, what sharp eyes you have!! Yes, it's a small paper boat! Yey! Someone noticed and I'm sorry if this is all I can show.:)

    I panicked when I saw this week's topic. I actually had a hard time choosing from four drawings.:P And I'm glad my effort for this piece paid off. I was too preoccupied making the lines all diagonal because that's how a bishop moves in chess and drawing a 6 leafed notebook that in the end I had to tie them all together in. And can you please explain to me that last word in layman's terms?:P

    Hey, where's your drawing for this week's topic? Please draw them soon beacuse my inkwell of inspiration is running out.;)

  6. How funny, Bjornik. I think I was leaving a comment for Ces the same time you were. You only need to look in the mirror to understand "creativity."

    I am very intimidated by this week's word. My favorite pen & ink artists in the world already have this topic well-covered.

  7. Hahaha! Thanks Bella...:) And about Ces's entry, I was so excited that I'd be making the first comment. But a part of me was apprehensive that you'd beat me in doing so.:P

    You don't need to worry about anything, you are one of the smartest illustrators I've met. Surprise us, quick!:)

  8. Bjornik, I love your work very much. I think I have said that before. Yes, not only are your work inticate, they are uniquely creative and original!

    Your comment-conversation with Bella makes me laugh and warms my heart. I feel honored being mentioned by the best illustrators. Bella is so humble. She thinks her work is the antithesis of intricate when in fact she always finds the perfect figurative representation of these prompts!

    As for your work dear Bjornik, I love the dishes, of course, but I noticed the shamah wearing a sort of trunks and he has HAIR on his legs! You covered it. Your mind is intricate, creative and unique, that is why you bring out these fantastic work. Someday I want to own an original Bjornik and Bella Sinclair.

    Take care of your hands and stop being a hypocondriac! You do not have carpal tunnel pain!

  9. You and Bella add to the fun of my blogging experience! Thank you very much.

  10. Hi Ces, thank you very much for the compliments. I too, feel so honored to have met and be friends with you and Bella. I'm always looking forward to your little conversations with her and to join in the fun. Are you sure you're not sisters? Coz I see two little girls who can't stop giggling and enjoying each other's company. It's so refresing to know such bond could exist in blogging. Both of you take my problems away. Thank you!

    You are right about Bella, she's self-effacing when in fact she always whips up the most clever and adorable illustrations in IF. Ok, let's not talk about her here. Your sister's probably sticking out her tongue, busy doing her drawing right now.haha

    By the way, I'm back to drawing. Thank you for that much needed assurance Ces!

  11. Hello Bjornik. I want Bella to be my sister! Yes. She can be the OLDER sister. hahaha! HAHAHAH! She is very humble but then again the best artists are always self effacing and quiet.

    I know that feeling of wanting to finish a drawing but there is still a lot of space to be covered and you are tired. I commonly used 9x12 inch Bristol boards so I can take the drawing with me anywhere. I even take it to bed to keep on drawing while resting before bedtime. My hsuband has put the drawing away and the pen still open on my hand and I have made sleepy marks and squiggles unknowingly. The other night he removed my drawing/reading glasses from my face because I fell asleep.

  12. Dang. I KNEW my ears were burning. Hush up you two. And Ces, you can be MY older sister. Hahahaha!

    Bjornik, I just came back here for one thing:


  13. Bella told you to keep quiet Bjornik. You better listen to her.

  14. It's wonderful!...Again! Always such fun to visit your blog.

  15. When I think of the word, Intricate" your work would be the ultimate definition for that word. I've said it before and will continue to say it over and over are an amazing talent and the incredible details you put into your work is untouchable! It's just...Wow...Wow...Wow!

  16. ...galing. isang buntong hininga nanaman mula sa akin. haha!

    nagbago na pala isip. eto an yung favorite ko sa mag gawa mo. 'di na yung "castle in the air". basta mas gusto pagkakagawa nitong si "tandang ewan". haha!

  17. arno! maraming salamat pre. buti naman at nagustuhan mo to si "tandang zorro". magmula ngayon, dedicated na siya sa 'yo.hahaha