Saturday, April 11, 2009

Latest Commission WIP

This is the latest commission I'm currently doing for a very important client. I'm glad to be working on this piece since it's the only thing that keeps me sane while I still try to salvage my oil painting at daytime.

Ever since I finished rendering her face I can't get my eyes off her anymore. Whoever said beauty is fleeting should kowtow before this Goddess, kiss her feet and apologize.:P


  1. WOWWWWW amazing with brilliant detail! You are amazing illustrator

  2. Sweetheart Bjornik! I don't blame you for staring at her. I too stare at the faces of my paintings.

    Your Bella Luna ia beautiful. I would prefer a huntress like Artemis or Diana. Can you do that? That would be my commission for you.

    Talaga Bjornik. Seryoso talaga ako. I know I should have sent you an email but your email is burried in my mailbox. Bago ka magsimula, puede mo ako iemail baka hindi ko kaya and I have to dig the gold in my bunganga just to pay.

    Seriously dear.

  3. I bow at her greatness...hee hee!
    Can't wait to hear and see more about her!

  4. another great one in the making, always love the detail in your work!

  5. You have a stunning style. I love her face - I especially like how you've drawn her eyelashes.

  6. I am absolutely speechless.

    Oh my heavens! My forehead is growing numb from this kowtow position, and I am kissing her feet. Is she shoeless? Even more than her lovely face, I am enamored by that gorgeous large flower over her ear. And, of course, the tiny faerie pachyderm! OH! Does he grant wishes, too?

    I hope you are able to finish up that painting very, very soon.

  7. Well, this looks too beautiful for words! What a lucky client!

  8. I am kowtowing even though I never thought beauty was fleeting.

    Bjornik you are so beautiful to see and feel such beauty.

    Oh my God, this is beyond the beyond.

    Thank you for your comment. Limbo is here and there and then not.

    Love to you all the time.

    I can't get over this. My God.

    Love Renee xoxo

  9. I would stare at her too! What a beautiful face...and I keep waiting for her to open her eyes. Gorgeous work again, Bjornik.

  10. Your detail work is just amazing!

  11. Bjornik, you are THE most talented person I have ever met (or not) ... How did you come to be? What is your secret? (and lastly) How do you pronounce your name? I want to say it correctly when I am drunkenly whispering it into Renee's ear on Friday night.
    Your creation is remarkably beautiful – have you ever thought of jewelry design?

  12. Thank you very much Shelly! It's bee-yorn with the "hic" sound when you're drunk. I got my name from the tennis legend Björn Borg. Looks like Renee's got company. What will you be celebrating little fly?:)

    About 3 years ago, I did silverwork designs for my friend that also involved some jewelry.:)

  13. Ahh I see … if you are named after a famous person it can only mean that the person naming you is full of passion – your dad probably was very passionate about tennis and your mom was probably very passionate about Bjorn Borg!

    My daughter Natalie is getting married on July 11th, but unique to our province Manitoba it is custom to have a “Social” in honor of the couple. It is a big party held in a hall and there will be dancing, drinking, eating and auction prizes – we are expecting four to five hundred people – Renee will be working at the door from 8-9, then the dance floor till close. OMG I wish you could come – we (Renee + I) could set you up with a nice Canadian girl?

    Getting back to you and your amazing talent – I predict one day that your fame will surpass even your namesake and then mothers all across the land will be naming their children after the legendary artist “Bjornik” (no last name necessary).

    little fly xoxo

  14. Meraviglioso as always! Congratulations.

  15. Oh lord, your work leaves me utterly speechless, Bee-hic-yorn (and I'm quite sober at the moment.)

    You know, I think I'm going to throw away my brushes now and just live vicariously through you and your awe-inspiring (truly, truly) art.