Thursday, July 9, 2009

Half the Fun is Getting There

When I was a kid, I looked forward to every weekend when we would go to Guihing. That's my mother's hometown, a very long 2-hour bus ride from the city. Not to mention the time spent on waiting for the bus to arrive and the death-defying stunts the 6-year old me had to do just to secure our seats. There were no waiting lines so it's every person for him/her self - men, women, the elderly and the children. If you're lucky, you could sit next to a petrified chicken.

Since I always traveled with my mom and my grandmother, there's no way we could get through the bus door first amidst an angry mob that swarm to meet the helpless bus. It was like Noah's Ark rocked by a turbulent wave of sweaty passengers.

Back then, the provincial buses don't have air conditioners and they only have these sliding windows made of plywood that protected passengers from dust and toasted them alive. Good thing I weighed no more than a liter of Coke then so it was easy for my mom to raise me high so I could climb up the bus's window and fall face first on the red leather seat. Then I'd shriek like a lemur, "reserved" to whoever tried to sit beside Here's the original rendition of my Yahoo! Purplescape submission, Guihing!^^

17" x 17"
Pen & Ink

To my friends, I am very busy with a new set of interesting commissions and personal drawings that you must keep your eyes peeled for. I promise to reply to all of your emails as soon as I can. I also have some exciting news for those of you in Singapore and France who might be interested in my artwork. But this is only what I can offer for now, enjoy the details everyone.:)


  1. Hey my Friend!!! Once again you amaze me with your style! Can you give me some advice how to draw like you??? Please!

  2. Another sumptuous treat! Man, the details you think of are too charming!

  3. Ha ha, can just picture you going through the window!!! Fascinating illustration, as ever, Bjornik. Intrigued by what's happening in Singapore - I visit from time to time!

  4. Amazing - the more I look the more I see ... picturing you as a little boy screaching "reserved" brought a real chuckle - what a great memory, thanks for sharing.

  5. I love it all.

    congratulations :)

  6. That bus story is hilarious, it is pretty much the same even today in rural parts of India. Another beautiful piece.

  7. This is gorgeous! I love your attention to details. Such cute things!