Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Although things have been going pretty well for me lately, I still feel uninspired. I managed to finish two artworks but I still feel that I should have done more. As of the moment, I am drawing the second piece of a three-artwork series that I am most excited about. Hopefully, people will feel the same when they see them.

420mm x 297mm
Pen & Ink

Above is the Engkanto board, a commissioned work that has been instrumental in the creation of my recent artworks. It gave me the much needed confidence that I have been lacking for the last two months. Skinizi came up with this brilliant idea and I am very proud to have drawn this for them. They were right about this because among my designs, this has been the most liked for laptops. This must have some serious magic I guess, so I might as well try it to summon the third monkey that shall grace the last canvas of my new series.;)

If you haven't visited my Skinizi page yet, just click on the image below and you will be transported to France. Goodbye!


  1. Drats! I can't see Enkanto from here so I have to be patient and wait this afternoon. But I can't wait to thank you for being so "mabu-ot" and "kanami" with your comments on my blog. You know how to make somebody feel good. I am so happy to hear all these wonderful things happening to you. Uninspired?! Uninspired?! If this is what comes out of you being uninspired, I wonder what will happen if you are inspired. Okay, puede ba po iinclude ko ikaw sa aking nut series? Siempre hindi ikaw nypmh, I will look for an appropriate role para sa imo pero kulang ang grupo kong wala ikaw.

    How's that? Man! That took half of my brain cells to write that down. It is difficult for me to speak any Filipino language. Yikes. Parang may switch na on and off. Okay, keep dry and you want inspiration? Hmn? Think! Think. Your muse is looking at you, so lift up you head now and then from the drawing board. She is looking at you and I say she is mighty happy and nimble. Darn, I wish I have her too! Can we share?

  2. Incredible Bjornik, you are incredible.

    The work is amazing and I love anything alphabet.

    Is it going to be a computer game.

    Love Renee xoxoox

  3. Now I see it and it's beautiful but how do you play it?

  4. It is indeed magic. I can vouch for it.

    Still uninspired, Bjornik? I cannot smile when you feel so uninspired. I look to your art for light and joy. I need it. Perhaps you should run your hands over your Engkanto board and hope the answer comes to you.

    I am taking all the inspiration I have, even stealing a bit from my girls, and putting it all in a jar. I will hang it on a cloud just right of the embracing sun. When you wake up, reach up and take it down. It is for you.

  5. My God Bjornik you are so grossly talented! I love this!

  6. Hi Bjornik. That inspiration is an elusive thing. I have troble all the time. I tend to think that I should be inspired by everything, which is never the case. However, I have found this, http://www.distractionbeast.com/brainstormer.swf
    Give it a go. I use it to inspire my sketching ehich, inturn inspires my print work.

  7. Terrific piece Bjornik - hope that elusive inspiration turns up soon!

  8. Your alleged uninspired posts look inspired too :)

  9. Hi love, just wanted to say hi.


  10. I feel like some of the others, if this is your 'uninspired' work, heaven knows what inspiration will bring you. That commission work is superb, I, too, love anything to do with the alphabet. Is it a game? It looks a little like a Ouiji board (not sure if that's correct).

  11. this is wonderful and precious. Your style is sweet and magic. I think this would be so fun to try with friends! Amazing how they work. Have you tried it yet?

  12. Thanks eveyone!

    BT, my version of the ouija board was drawn when I was still very inspired and it didn't take long for me to finish it. What I need now is the swift recovery of my hand.

    Tammie, I haven't tried it yet. Does the planchette really move on its own?:)