Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Lawyer's Pride: Rax

I never expected that my art will pave the way for me and one of my closest friends to see each other again. Two months ago, my dear friend commissioned me to do two artworks that will symbolize her happy married life. Honestly, I was quite apprehensive about accepting it but the privilege of drawing for a friend was too much to forgo. And I can still remember drawing her 20-paged scrapbook and her charcoal portrait back in college.

It had been three years since I last saw Rax but we were both with our own cliques that time, we didn't have the chance to really talk. Last Saturday, we met again and much to my astonishment, she had transformed!hahaha I knew she wasn't that boots-wearing happy-go-lucky girl anymore but I was stunned to see a very well-dressed lawyer(and she still had her swagger!). Thanks to her loving husband Jeq, who she claimed chooses the dresses she wear. We did a lot of catching up and also planned her cub's first birthday invitations that will be happening in three months! No one can deny how much she loves her pride.

Rax and I have been friends for 11 years now but it didn't take long for me to remember everything we've been through. From the countless nights of charades, tong-its, anime, booze, WOTW and Warcraft to the serious conversations, budget meals and death-defying escapades, there was never a dull moment with her. I can write a novel if I go on so I'll let details show you how wonderful and interesting this woman is. Enjoy!


  1. Great as usual...Fantastic details and awesome new header. Also, I love your little penguins and their cute headgears :)

  2. Another mesmerizing beauty, Bjornik! I keep staring and discovering new details that make me laugh and smile. So many symbolic elements here. I'm sure your friend was absolutely blown away!