Monday, August 15, 2011


Meet Arnkatla, a fierce little warrior that will fight for you 'til the very end. Give her and these two adorable banshees a home when I post them up for sale at my store on Wednesday, August 17 at 9am EST.:)

There's also a short interview and artist feature on me posted on Gup Gup's blog. Check it out for other artist features and get updated with their special promos. By the way, I won the above Gup Gup in one of their random giveaways. When I told them I'd be customizing my prize, they sent me an extra blank to apply my art on. It was very thoughtful, thanks Nick!:)


  1. A real cutie :D but is it a she? I do know "us" vikings was fierce (read mushroom-crazy) warriors but the beard was male-only, I think :D But it ismaybe not beard? maybe it's just a trendy fur trim? :D Your creatures is like your paintings- amazing.

  2. Hi Jean! You guessed it right, it's actually a she with a fur trim that looks like a beard.

    Wow, you have a viking blood in you? I only have a viking name.hehe