Saturday, March 17, 2012

WIP: Red

I'm slowly regaining my confidence with the brush. Thanks to my fellow toy lovers, I've been painting incessantly with custom toys for the past month. And here's a sneak peek of my latest project that I posted in my facebook page last week. There will be no definite release date yet but this is something you should watch out for. 

By the way, the Herzensbrecher show is probably kicking off right this very moment. I'm very thrilled to be in the same show with the people I look up to for inspiration. If you're interested in my pieces or just curious to see how other artists' pieces look like, you can check them out at Strychnin Gallery.:)


  1. such an awesome toy Otto!
    congratulations on the show. I will go and enjoy a look!

  2. I am mesmerized by her eyes!

    Thanks for the link to the gallery. Some of those other pieces are amazing, but yours are the most elegant and beautiful. Honest truth.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Legs!