Sunday, July 22, 2012


My fellow artist Arturo C.E. asked me if I could do a portrait of his girlfriend. I wanted to take a break from drawing other people's faces but he told me that he's commissioning 25 artists to create 25 unique portraits for her 25th birthday. I don't know how anybody can turn this guy down since it's a great honor to  take part in creating such a sweet gift for a lovely young lady who definitely means the world to him.

ink and acrylic on paper

I also found this as an opportunity for another color painting exercise since he hinted that his girlfriend Ana loves the colors pink, purple, violet and my favorite black & white. When doing whimsical portraits, I always try to get to know the person I'm drawing. I ask for pictures that best show their personalities or significant details such as birth dates that I can include in the portrait.

They are both artists from Mexico and my main subject Ana is a web designer who goes by the handles Pipoca and Lobita. I will let the portrait tell you more about her but a little anime knowledge is necessary for you to really appreciate the details.:)

with digital color

If you're curious about the other portraits, Arturo uploaded this cool video documenting the creation of his gift. The music says it all. I also think this is the sweetest gift ever!;)


  1. oh how wonderful
    and romantic
    and your piece, though i do not know anime knowledge is fabulous, what a great addition to the gift.
    when i consider 25 artists, thinking of this woman and how to honor her and their love in art... that is an amazing power, beauty and love. Such a great gift!

  2. Aww what a lovely video. It's so great when you can see the true value behind art. I haven't stopped by your site in some time Björnik but your work is as gorgeous as ever!!