Saturday, April 26, 2008

MADE 2008

My first attempt on oil paint was during a summer workshop back in 2nd grade. Entitled "Ang Munting Daliri" and conducted by Butch Soriano, it was a mother and child team up. The paint always ended up on my clothes and I complained about having to wash my hands with thinner. Since then, I only did the initial sketches and enjoyed watching my mother do the rest.

After almost 18 summers, I had to face this unconquerable medium again. It wasn't that bad, actually it suits my style since I touch up from time to time. But it's still a mess and I'm such a butterfinger. My aunt would complain about her sheets stained with paint and our helper cursing while scrubbing the floor.:P Well, I have to meet my friend this week and ask for some advice about the problems I encountered with the painting. On second thought, maybe I'll just attend her art workshop with those 2nd graders.

I didn't make it on time to this year's GSIS-AAP Art Competition. And it's a big disappointment on my part because I had to pass up on my annual visit to Pagudpud just so I could prepare for it. Blame it to the obstinate acrylics! Anyway, this will be my entry to the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence competition. I'll just update the image by May 10.

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