Monday, May 19, 2008


This is Acedia, the youngest of the 7 deadly sin sisters.(I'm just assuming, haven't research on this) She's often despised by her siblings and was thought to be adopted because of her standoffish attitude, but she never cared about what they think... never cared about anything at all. Her only interests are finding a nice place to idle the time with, sprawling out with her pets the procastinators, waiting for her eyes to close by themselves and on very rare occassions "playing" with Gula (gluttony) on the seesaw. Yeah, she hardly moves because her laziness that anchored her to stupor is heavier than all the sin sisters' weights combined.

Her greatest power lies on her ability to summon a procrastinator, a winged timepiece that steals a person's sense of time, and her heavy steps that send ripples of stupor stunning the suffering victim into a state of eternal laziness.

- from my DeviantART account

EDIT: I couldn't think of any other personal drawings that better illustrates IF's Climbing topic than a fat Gula trying to climb up to the top of a seesaw.


  1. wow, moleskine. i actually don't quite understand the concept. is it just another overpriced notebook? what's so nifty about it?

  2. So much to see and absorb, so many hidden delights! This is absolutely delicious. I love their expressions, particularly the open "see-food" mouth of Gula. You have a great imagination, my friend.