Friday, June 20, 2008

100% All-Natural

Yesterday I went to my former office, which by the way is a company that's been around for quite a long time selling sauces and mixes. During my stay as their in-house art director, I was caught in a transition from the traditional look to the new image they're trying to portray in order to compete with rival companies. I had designed some packages, one is out in the market today and three more coming out next year. What's more interesting is I got to work with younger artists. Fresh from college, they were full of new ideas and optimism. It was fun working with them and they were the reason why I visited.

As I stepped inside the studio, I noticed the cozy atmosphere that could have brought me to deep slumber. Boxes of colorful traditional cloths and handicrafts occupied half the room and the aroma of natural spices and vegetables seemed to stick on the walls and my friends. It was like I traveled back in time to a great cook's kitchen. And I could see the personification in her granddaughter who's been the brilliant mind behind their success today. I guess they have finally succeeded in their goal. And I could hear Mama Sita whisper in my ear, "panahon na para tangkilikin ang sariling atin."


  1. eto, dito ako nang comment na hindi nakapasok.
    kase pag basa ko nito, tamang tama kaluluto ko lang din nang tocino and thanks to mama sita :-)

  2. pwede ka ba gawing endorser ng tocino mix nila?hehe

  3. ba maganda iyan, dahil pag may chance akong makabili eh ~~ todo pakyaw ako ~~ konti na nga lang natitira eh