Sunday, June 8, 2008

Red Threading

The public viewing of MADE semifinalists was held last June 6 and 7 at the Fortune building at Legaspi Village, Makati. There were more than 20 wondeful watercolor entries that made it to the cut. I couldn't even hope of making it to the finals with all those entries meticulously done with a master's touch. It was also a surprise to find my former boss's two re-entries to the architectural design category. I just hope he wins this time. I was so overwhelmed and inspired that I rushed back home and tried to finish my art series.

My participation to the contest was only made possible by 3 important ladies. First, my mom for sending all the required documents upon a very short notice. Then my beautiful ate who decided to call in late for work just so we could have this entry framed and to my friend-enemy-friend for giving me the perfect metaphor 15min before I submitted this to Metrobank. I would also like to thank my friends (you know who you are) for their unending support and to all those who came a long way just to see my entry.

To those who didn't catch this on exhibit, enjoy!


  1. Hawuda oist!!! Seize the day!! Muabot jud ang panahon part na ka sa Art History sa Philippines.

    Go,go,go Bjornik!!! Im proud of you. Sayang human na exhibit. Duol ra unta na sa amo office sa mkati. Last week pa ko June adto diha.


  2. bjornybebe! congrats bai! hawd jud ka ever.. pati akong bro and sis idol ka na pagkakita sa imong mga gipangbuhat! charmos! i can be ur model tapos ibaligya na lang kay kekeru... bwahahaha... hope u can have ur own bjornik's exhibit na.. discount pagmupalit ko ha or better free na lang... hehehe.. good job! mwaaaah!

  3. syempre una sa lahat congrats na malupit! you got great talent so you must be proud, wag na ma-insecure. even if you couldn't hope to make it to the finals (though there's a saying na habang may buhay, may pag-asa. haha!) at least you made it to the semis and had your work exhibited, you can add that to your list of accomplishments. slowly but surely you'll have your one-man show. anyway, mahaba na'to at baka wala nang magbasa. you know i'm proud of you. keep up the good job - an obvious understatement.

  4. congrats!ayos ang work mo.kailan malalaman ang winner sa MADE 2008?sana manalo ka

  5. Hi!

    Thank you for your visit!
    Your blog is also fantastic, congratulations for the work!

  6. hi there bjornik... pinoy ka pala! hehehe...

    i was going through some artworks at moleskin (a favorite site of mine for doodles and stuff) and saw your work on it. at the beginning i thought it was done by a eastern europe guy and was thinking at the back of my head,"damn, if his blog is in romanian, i'm out of here." was pleasantly surprised na local guy.

    i love your works man... astig. ;-)