Friday, August 29, 2008

20 Years of Toyota Experience… Evolving. Emerging.

I grew up without the luxury of owning a car. My family used to go places on foot or by means of habal-habal, pedicabs, PUs(what we call taxi then), jeepneys and provincial buses. There was an addition when a taxi company came to Davao and eventually introduced the Tamaraw FX. Being the eldest grandchild (who memorized all their 8 contact numbers by heart) of a tightly-knit extended family that goes to church every Sunday, I’d always be the one to call for two units to pick us up.

In 1995, my father purchased a brand new Toyota Corolla. I had envisioned my self stepping out of the car in patent leather shoes and wearing Ray Ban shades as I go to school. I thought we were finally rich but unfortunately it was meant for business. And I just continued day dreaming as I cleaned it before attending my classes every morning. I bought my first sunglasses (an Oakley imitation) with the money I earned from washing it.
Toyota Art Edge God Bless Our Trip
"God Bless Our Trip"
16" x 11"
vector art and digital painting with Mickey Mouse

Over the years, I saw the transportation system underwent a transformation and Toyota has emerged as the industry leader. It is the most trusted name in automobile and the driving force in revolutionizing the riding experience for the past 20 years. These can be attributed to their understanding of the Philippine setting and pioneering efforts; and shaping the lives of countless Filipinos in general. As market leaders, they continue to introduce new breakthroughs and innovations in the emerging market. For me, Toyota always takes the extra mile and has gone beyond selling cars and the highest standards. Like the bridled horse - their eyes are always on the road ahead, thrusting forward to an almost hypnotic and unforgettable riding experience. Like the jeepney - that could pack a whole barangay, they bring families closer together and to their destinations. 20 years of unparalleled track record. Toyota. Evolving. Emerging.

Today, our taxi is still in the garage, as efficient and as beautiful the day it was bought… I will be driving it tomorrow. Charing! Tama bang ipilit?

Note: Thanks to Machong Roj for the much needed help!


  1. oist! karemember ko bjorniebebe na ana ka inspired by kekeru's fortuner ni. wala bya jud nako gierase ni na pix ha kay remembrance..hehehe.. don't worry ako na lang maghatag award sa imo.. unsaon na lang atong pagka amigo ani...bwahahahahaha

  2. Astig ng vector ART mo! Lupit! turuan mo ko minsan! Pero tingin ko lang, kung sa pagandahan ng entry, ikaw talaga ang PANALO PAPI!hahaha

  3. @black angel: Napakasupportive ng manager ko! Salamat kaayo bai!:)
    @jonazi: Salamat pre, mahal mo talaga ako!haha Magandang consolation na tong comment mo-galing sa idol ko. Btw, lamang lang ako ng ilang artworks sayo pero alam ko di pa rin kumukupas detalye mo. Tara, habol na!:)

  4. ano naman daw itong vector art? minsan lagyan mo naman ng explanation in layman's terms para maintindihan naman ng Lola mo! hehe..

  5. buti na lang, d pa punta d2 yung nanalo. pansin q kc nasa lahat siya ng thread tungkol sa toyota. papansin maxado sa deviantart, kulang pa ata pagyayabang niya na nanalo xa 200k. mas gusto q pa to gawa mo eh. hanga aq. cgurado nkapunta na yun d2.