Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Running Out of Ink

This is going to be short and sweet. A series of fortunate events happened to me last week and I've been very busy beating deadlines lately. This is nothing new to me but I fear that the task is going to overwhelm my creativity. It is like a snowball rolling downhill, its getting bigger with every project.

I need to figure out how I could squeeze all the activities in 1 week! Four design projects and seven 20x30" artworks. Surely I'll be damned if I fail in one. So I better get going now. Thanks for the visits and kind comments.

This is blog is now officially on hiatus.

For the meantime you can sit back and enjoy the Sin Sisters at my DA gallery.


  1. Great work! Impressive.

  2. Hi Bjornik! Just stopped by to send you a Kiss : * Ciao!!

  3. Hi Sushil & Truska, I need that right now. Thanks for dropping by.:)

  4. : ) I'm Fine, thanks Björn (can i call you Björn?) and Ready to get Back in Action : D KISSESSSS : *