Thursday, December 4, 2008

Castles in the Air

After a year in captivity, my fledglings are now ready to soar high and find a decent roost. I'm happy for them. At least I know their owner will take good care of them, like how he took care of me. Besides, I wouldn't call him the birdman if he eats rooks for dinner.

I'm talking about two of my artworks that has been sold to my former boss. I spent at least a week, translate to 100 hours of eye strain, tendinitis and backaches, drawing each piece. And another month just staring at them and loving my self dearly for creating these masterpieces.haha Walang pakialaman!:P Well, they were all I had when everything seemed so bleak and uncertain. They kept me and Elai(my PC) company in the emptiness of my room. They flew with me wherever the wind took us. They were my rooks and I was their king. And it was difficult for me to set them free.

Well, I didn't intend to write something as mushy as this. It would have been more appropriate if I just wrote about how I came up with the concepts. But just like all the pieces in my chess series, they can't keep still. I hope you caught one of them winking at you!;)


P.S. Sorry about the hands but my friend thought it's cool if I make it my trademark.hahaha!


  1. Bjorn! Ang ganda naman ng mga paintings na yan! Ibang level ka talaga.

    Miss na kita!*mwah* Nyahahaha!


  2. dapat pala magkaroon tayo ng Mutual Admiration Society. :-) nahaks... oks na oks sa hirit.

    btw, saw your comment on my blog at 12:05 am. wohow.. gising pa? burning the midnight oil lamp?

  3. @ resty: amishu too! padalhan mo ko dinar at camel!haha
    @ palma tayona: pwede!haha nakakaaliw kasi ung mga kwento mo, nakakarelate din kasi ako eh. sana balang araw, makapagsulat din ako gaya mo.:)

  4. heheheh katuwa naman yung mga kamay mo! :P

  5. @ mall: Thanks for dropping by, idol! Good luck sa paintings mo. Can't wait to see them in your blog.

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