Monday, December 22, 2008

Mama Sita's Lutong Bahay

Welcome to the official launching of Mama Sita's Lutong Bahay Recipe Book. Let me first thank everyone for coming to this special event. And to the loveliest lady in the world for her unwavering proud mom(standing in front and looking up to me with tears of joy rolling down her cheeks).haha!

That is how I had envisioned my self two years ago when I handed the drafts of the Lutong Bahay. Two long years in the making. And I could no longer remember how many revisions it took but those nights when I would patiently wait for my turn on my housemates' computers developing the framework and illustrations were enough proof that this is hard work neatly bound with love. Not to mention the efforts exhausted by a group of talented young artists that involves a flawless skincare endorser, a balladeer and a Harry Potter fan, a romantic sculptor and a repenting emo; the inputs of the chef/food stylist/photographer; and of course the unmistakable taste of the genius who is behind all these.

I'm overflowing with excitement. I can't wait to see my excited mom brag about how her son did this and that. And my supportive high school classmates having their own copies. Here's the good news ladies, you don't have to fall in line once this hits the shelves. Just text or email me how many boxes you are buying and I'll be coming home with them, all signed.haha

Lutong Bahay Sample Page
Sample pages of Lutong Bahay: 100% All-Natural, From Ingredients to Food Shots

Seriously, I can now feel the spirit of the Christmas season. I feel so blessed and I want to share it with everyone. Grab a copy of Mama Sita's Lutong Bahay now and I tell you, it's worth every single page. I'm not saying these for any personal gain but mainly because it is a great cook's gift to everyone.This book is filled with very affordable recipes and tips lifted from Mama Sita's very own diary. It would be a nice gift this Christmas to all aspiring chefs and to the special women in our lives. By the way, I'm giving my mom 20 copies.;)

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Wow, galenga oi!

    I badly need a copy! Please send me one, hehe. Wala bay pdf file? haha... Hope easy steps yung kaya ng powers ko. lolz.

  2. @ ghedi: very easy lang ang steps. even my guy friends bought copies and they were so excited. pwede na daw sila magchef.haha i'll send you a copy pero ikaw magbayad ng shipping.hehe

  3. saan ko pwede mabili ito bjorn? at magkano?

  4. @ dan: i think ilalabas na nila yan next year sa national bookstore for P125 lang. o diba sulit? bili na!:)

  5. hardselling na ito ;D

    pagbilhan nga ng kalahati...

  6. @ rowper: thanks pre, malapit na pala umuwi si joga. meet naman tayo!
    @ gingertea: hardselling ba?hehe kalahati as in crosswise o lengthwise?haha