Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bella Luna (Work in Progress)

I had given this a long thought, if I should be posting WIP's in this blog. But people keep asking me where do my inspirations come from or how do I develop my concepts. The truth is I don't know, yet. It just comes out as naturally as my OCD.Hahaha I'm not a methodical artist either, promised to keep my workstation spic and span with every commission that comes but I always end up throwing my cellphone, chocolate wrappers and everything that gets in my way.

My good friend Mimi asked me to draw something for her, something I had in mind as a follow up to A Cut Above the Rest and Afrodite. So it's not that difficult for me. But I won't be talking about any concepts here, just want to share this weird experience.

Last night, as I was drawing this rough sketch, a mosquito was flying over my moleskine in a very peculiar way. Like it was tracing every stroke and checking if I had everything correct. And as I was about to catch the mosquito with my tongue for a midnight snack, it eluded me and flew directly toward my ears... and I swear the following is true: it was singing a Bella Luna! Stunned, I just watched it flew around and in front of me without realizing that I'd turned on the music and in a freeze frame, I think I saw it winked at me.

Bella Luna WIP

The Bella Luna study and a few lines from the song. If you've been wondering about that black smear at the bottom of the lyrics, that's Jason Mraz, I mean the mosquito after I had a hissy fit. Spic and span, no exceptions!:P

And to cool things down a bit, I have uploaded some of the pictures of my trips with my beautiful ate, my wonderful friends and my insatiable wanderlust. This is for you Bella! Enjoy everyone.


14th Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark Air Field, Angeles, Pampanga


Mt. Pinatubo Crater


  1. haha. i'm not sure if i'm digging the singing mosquito. are you on drugs bay? or natural high lng yan? haha jason mraz makes a good poem out of his lyrics. kaano ano nya si neil mraz? snarl! hehe =P

  2. haha! busog pa ka bai, you're so corny!:P Jason Mraz is Mr. A-Z and Neil Raz has everything from A-Z, just name it, it's inside his backpack!haha

  3. Ohhhh, Bjornik! My heart is a-flutter! She is already gorgeous with her grace and elegance. It is such a privilege to see you working through the process. I'm sure she will take my breath away when you are finished. Your friend Mimi is certainly lucky! And I love Mraz. That song is just beautiful.

    And I absolutely squealed when I saw your photos! Thank you, thank you for taking me along on your adventures. I adore hot air balloons. I didn't realize they came in different shapes, too. I have a couple of beautiful paper mache hot air balloons that used to hang in my creative space, but I've never witnessed an actual festival before.

    And that crater! I've never seen water so turqoise before! I wish I could visit your beautiful country.

    Wait -- she winked at you and you SQUASHED her?

  4. Thank you very much Bella.:) I'm glad you like it. My friend and I could listen to that song for a week and never tire of it. I just love Bella Luna.

    I remembered you commenting on my friend's caricature and thought these would be a nice surprise and to show you how grateful I am for your comments and the inspiration I draw from your lovely illustrations.

    Just like you, I was also surprised to see an elephant-shaped balloon. Too bad we weren't able to ride the tethered ones. Worse, I don't know how to swim and I envy my friends who got to swim in the crater.:( I wish you could come and visit the Philippines someday.

    About the mosquito, I squashed her right after she bit me.haha

  5. *swoon* *swoon* *swoon*

    this is another Dreamworks OBB "moment" for me + the music! am excited. thanks bjorn!

  6. is the last pic photoshopped? it looks more like a painting to me. haha. don't mind me te, just jealous. *wink*

  7. I missed the hot air balloons last time I visited. imagine going over that body of water in a hot air balloon... what a refreshing perspective of the world that would be!