Monday, February 2, 2009

Guess What I Received Today

It used to be the same boring page that I visit on a daily basis, checking my empty inbox for any community activity, a random poll or an update on my favorite artists. If lucky, I get to read an interesting article from my favorite director that comes rarely.

But today is different. I actually received one activity message notifying me that Stigmatattoo(my favorite gallery director) added Afrodite on his Chosen DD folder. Sent him a thank you note for the gesture and that's when I realized he just featured it at Deviantart. Messages then flooded my inbox and in less than 20min, my pageviews and favorites skyrocketed that would match my 6 year membership on the said site.

"Afrodite by Björnik is mix of modern and classic art. The details are very intricate but not entirely making the image complicated. Excellent use of texture and tones is exemplified in the piece. There is no single description for the message of the piece, which makes it somewhat intriguing. A work of art indeed."

To my dear friend Rowper, thank you for the critique and the suggestion of awarding me this long-coveted DD. I also found out recently that the same artwork was featured in Desviarte. By the way, please visit Plus63 (an online showcase of Filipino creativity) where Kn-F3 was featured by Twisted4rk. I guess this is my lucky day. Maraming salamat!


  1. Very beautiful line of artwork. Afrodite by Björnik is a mix of modern and classic art and photography. Nice placing of your hand, within the Golden Spiral. Everything is in balance and harmony with both reality and fantasy in one picture.

  2. :) sabi ko sa iyo eh! dapat i-expose mo ung mga artworks mo! ayan, dami na mga viewers, bloggers at iba pa! congratulations bjorn!!!! I'm very proud of you!!! Keep creative and hardworking! *high five*

  3. congrats! i was pleased to see your work on the dd stream. very glad to see beautiful work given recognition :)

  4. lovely art! amazing details. i'll be keeping an eye on your work!

  5. Ah! Yokatta! That is absolutely fantastic! You deserve all the recognition, Bjornik, and more. I hope it blooms into amazing opportunities for you. Your work is stand-out-amazing.

    Do you, by any chance, sell prints of your work?

  6. Paintstripper, Mall and Anne: Maraming salamat sa inyo, as I've said, I was afraid that none of my kababayans will see the DD but I'm so glad that you've recognize my artwork in the stream and was kind enough to congratulate me here.

    Nibu: Thank you very much. I hope I will be worth your watching.

    Bella: Yokatta, after years of watching others receive this DD, I felt I was validated as an artist. I know it's just a simple daily award but things like this make me feel that my works are seen and comments from other artists motivate me to strive for excellence in my craft.

    Btw, about prints. I've been planning about it for almost a year now. But I fear that my friends will complain about me badgering them again.haha I need a broader audience who will be interested to buy the prints. For the meantime, I'm content with doing commissions and selling the original pieces. That way I can save up to fund the printing.:)

  7. Congratulations Bjornik! It's a great feeling to be recognized and you deserve all the accolades. Your drawings are fantastic!

  8. wow! congrats bai. more recognitions to so deserve them!

  9. Hi Ces, Ceang and Cholle! Thank you for taking the time to congratulate me.:D It's just some sort of a daily giveaway in dA, nothing grand. Natuwa lang ako kasi matagal ko na rin gusto makakuha nun.hehe Salamat ulit.:)