Saturday, January 31, 2009


Father always reminded me to think before I make a move. But the temptation of holding the knight, being the most recognizable piece in the game of chess, was too much for a 3-year old to bear. I would say we play the "Sicilian offense"(my reverse Sicilian defense) just so I could marvel at the piece and stick it inside my mouth. But my supportive father wouldn't take that for an opening and bore me to death with chess notations and strategies.

I used the unorthodox opening a couple of times, winning against high school and college varsity players. Almost given me a spot in the team had I not humiliated my chess coach after beating him in less than 20 moves during the first day of class. Ok, I am gloating now because I need to write something to make this a valid post.hahaha

11 ¾ “ x 16 ½“

Anyway, this is my first ever "official" artwork. The first in a 12-artwork series dedicated to the man who can put a combined Kasparov and Deep Blue to shame. The same father who almost shoved a bitter gourd in my mouth just so I could identify and remember the taste. He didn't understand that I hated vegetables. How I wish there was Bantay Bata 163 back then.hahaha


I also posted this at two of my favorite websites and much to my surprise, it has elicited the most number of negative responses in one and was almost subjected to art theft in the other. So I guess my father's right about Kn-F3. It's really flawed.

Note: Kn-F3 means Knight goes to F3.


  1. your father was right after all. you need to master the basic rules first before you break them...and break them hard. i guess you have been successful in the 'breaking' part as your father was in boring you to death about notations and strategies. unmistakable in your every stroke is the tandem, a perverse interplay of methods -a fusion of old and contempo schools with that distinct personal charm so tangible you can almost taste it (yaiks!) - that proves to all and sundry that order can still be achieved in chaos but only after you have attained the elite rank of that of a grandmaster.

    so much for the buttering. one thing undeniable though, you are your father's son and your own man is all. :D

  2. love the detail in your work! see ya on 'skineart!

  3. The details are exquisite. Bjornik. how long does it take you to draw these/ You are fantastic, so many intesting objects and that blade looks so sharp. You really have a Bjornik style.

  4. You're a chess whiz as well, are you? Figures. So much forethought and strategy must go into all your work, just like a good game. I love detailed pen & ink work, and your drawings are intoxicating.

  5. aw. papa must be so proud. =P as always, details, details, details to the grain! i marvel at mr knight's complexity. is it just me or the lack of eye for art? i don't see the flaws. =D

  6. Hello my friends! I'm thrilled to receive these nice comments from you.
    @ dion: thanks for quick response, too bad I can't open your profile and see your blog
    @ gingertea: thank you for the ego massage. You're actually serious about your "raw" critiques. Though that's a bit make me blush Dan!:P Salamat!
    @ JRT: I'm glad you liked it.;) See you there and thanks for the comment.
    @ Ces: Hello kababayan. It takes me about a week or 80-100hrs with a background like this. Some of them only takes 50hrs to accomplish. Thank you for the compliment.:)
    @ Bella: I don't think so, I still can't beat my father in this game. And as I was about to say, it's the conceptualization that's taking me so long to finish a piece. And I'm very happy that you love the details.
    @ Bibi: Thank you! Ikaw na jud ang gitagna bai!:P

  7. This is totally wonderful, Bjornik! So intricate - it must take you forever. The detail is amazing. Thank you for all the kind comments you leave on my blog!

  8. Ganda ng gawa mo Bjorn. :D i like. Featured at

  9. Another beauty my friend. I was wondering when this fella would rear his head since he is also your Avatar. Always fun to visit.

  10. Your detailing is off-the-hook! EXCELLENT!