Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Dichotomy of Man

When I finished Crocodile tears, I considered taking a break. But I remembered that I have to make a pen & ink artwork for my dear tita Ces before she goes to New York. Recovering from an ordeal that has mentally and physically consumed me, I reintroduced myself with my pens.

It hurt like hell. My hand was not yet ready for pen work and I had to stop for days in between just to let the pain subside. But I had to get over the pain or else I won’t be ready for tita Ces’s Artemis. After a week I have managed to finish this personal project with still functional fingers.

This is my entry to Wacom and deviantArt’s “Bring your vision to life: The Battle of Good vs. Evil”. After putting this off several times to make way for important projects, I have finally found the perfect venue for this study. It took me one year to make this happen and I hope you guys like it. To those who have deviantArt accounts, you can express your support by adding the Dichotomy of Man to your favorites. Thank you very much!

Up next: the 100th blog post!:)


  1. Once again, you have left be breathless. I nearly asphyxiated. Honestly, I think you are trying to kill me with your talent. My gosh, Bjornik, this is astoundingly beautiful. My eye wants to follow every curve, linger over every detail, study every contrast, and swim in that deep dark background. An incredible dichotomy that is at the same time a complete whole, each half dependent on the other.

    Your poor hands. I hope they are feeling better.

  2. I'm very sorry to hear about your hands. It's terrible to not be able to work on what you love. I have tendinitis in my hands and once had to stop drawing for several months to let them heal up and I think that was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I hope you make a speedy recovery.

    Lovely drawing, as always. I've seen a lot of these entries and yours is definitely my favorite so far. Your line work is beautiful, as always, and the concept is divine.

    Also, I did not know you were on deviantart! I will add you. :)

  3. Whaaaa! What happened? What happened to your hand, or hands? Did you sustain carpal tunnel syndrome? NO! You are too young. Maybe you are squeezing your pens too much. I told you what happens when I draw, do you remember? I have jaw pain because I press my jaw, that relieved the stress from my wrists but I have TMJ. Hahaha!

    Your mother is beautiful. She looks like she is wearing a patadyong. Bjornik, you are very lucky. I never had a bathtub like that. It looks like fun. I just bathe in the springs and under the waterfalls.

    You draw like the great Filipino master painter Fernando Amorsolo.

    I will email you.

    Your one and only Tita Ces

  4. beautifull.
    i did not know that pen&ink drawing hurts.
    your drawings are wonderfull.
    love your poetry!

  5. Bella, don't say that! Do you want me to stop drawing?haha Or maybe because this is the first time you didn't see my hands in t?:P

    Yoli, thank you very much. I'll start thinking up a beautiful fencer for you.:)

    Sara, you can say that again. It's very frustrating when you already have the vision and your body doesn't cooperate. And thank you for your support. I hope I can make it to the top 50.:)

    Tita Ces, ang laki na ng kalyo ko. I have a tight grip but it loosens after a few minutes. But the background alone can take a day so I guess I'm pushing too hard. I envy you, when I was a kid I didn't know how to swim so I missed the fun. So I diverted my attention to collecting stones.haha Fernando Amorsolo, no way! He's one of my favorite artist so thank you, that's very flattering. By the way, the other one is Botong Francisco.:)

    Maria, thank you very much for the compliments. Sure it hurts, it's like writing for hours but in my case I draw for weeks.:(

  6. Oh my goodness, your hands! Yes, they are missing! It's just not complete without your hands.

    I saw some of the other entries, and this illustration stands apart in its uniqueness, technique and beauty. Yes, I am biased, but it's still true. I hope you win!

    Take care of those hands. If you ever stop drawing, I shall weep and wither for sure.

  7. Those insane details and awesome symmetry...

  8. This is a great union b/w elements and you're really great at filling voids without overworking it. Your flame work rocks! Very cool.

  9. Holy crow Bjornik. I have never seen anything so beautiful.

    How the heck have you done this. To this level of genius.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  10. Your pieces are STUNNING! Im still baffled by the attention to detail.