Thursday, May 14, 2009

Best Friends Since Birth

I am so blessed to have Liboria McCormick in my life.

This is a pen & ink sketch of my mother, my sister and our life in the country I did 5years back. For those who have not seen anything like it before, this is how a Filipino bath looks like. It comprises of a manual water pump where a split bamboo shaft is connected to its spout and supported by a Y-shaped branch to convey water to a worn out tire used as a basin. Around it is a pile of rocks to keep the soil and wooden planks so children can jump up and down as they take a very cold bath.

This is also the reason why I draw figures with eyes shut today. A friend once commented that I should refrain drawing people staring back at the viewer coz it may cause discomfort. Of course, he wouldn't understand Liboria's stare. I'm sure all you wonderful and loving mothers out there already do.

Belated happy mother's day!


  1. u always amaze me!!! your mom is gorgeous! when i saw this i knew it was your mom. i saw a previous post u did for her and it was those so pretty.

    btw...yep i have the "stare" too bjornik! it's like having a little secret weapon. it works on my hubby too. heheh

  2. Again you amaze me, wonderfullllllllll

  3. Oh cool! This is a side of your work that I haven't seen before. I keep looking at it because it's a heartwarming scene... I have a 15 month old :) A lil new to mommyhood...

  4. My gosh, this is absolutely beautiful. It's filled with such tenderness. Your mother's face is delicate and gentle and gorgeous. Aww, Bjornik, I so do love this drawing! Very much. I will never get over your incredibly fine pen strokes. Astonishing!

    This beautiful gaze could never ever cause discomfort. I wonder if your friend asks his photography subjects to close their eyes, too.....

  5. Linda, thank you! My mom is the most beautifulest woman you'll ever see. She's more like the epitome of beauty.hehe And I know that stare, especially when it comes with a reprimanding tone calling your name.hahaha

    Wendy, thank you, this a lovely surprise.:)

    Vanessa, congratulations and happy mother's day. I wish your child grows up to be as talented as you.

    And Bella, thank you my dear. That's what I tried to portray and my friend didn't know that this one's a very personal piece. By the way, he paints his subjects' with their eyes open coz they are birds. He's one of the best naturalist painter I've ever known.:)

  6. Bjornik I like to be uncomfortable. It can shake things up. I also think your friend may have given you some bad advice.

    I love that her eyes are open, it makes her look so alive.

    I never knew about the bath and I love it.

    This picture is really beautiful and yes, I do understand the look. Thank you for the mother's day post and for reminding me of my children when they were small.

    Please find balance with the eyes, as in do some and not some if you want.

    Love Renee

    By the way I laughed my head off at Final Fantasy. har har


  7. I am sure your Mom is very touched you did this.

  8. What?! Closed eyes! NO beautiful eyes ought to be open!

  9. I do! hahahaha! I do understand that stare =) ---- via