Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bring Your Vision to Life

I was deeply humbled by the overwhelming number of artists who took the time to visit and congratulate me for winning 2nd place in the recently concluded Wacom's Bring Your Vision to Life contest. The truth is I never expected making it to the top 3 with all the wonderful, and creative submissions for the contest. And I wouldn't lie either about not wanting the Intuos 4. I have been coloring with my reliable mouse ever since because I can't afford to buy a tablet. So winning this contest has been the best thing that ever happened to me in deviantArt.

I know that this would have been impossible without the dedicated dA staff who made the fair and tough decision of placing me in the semifinals, the Wacom panel of judges who I believe made a very fair selection of winners and to my friends and fellow artists who showed their support until the very end... for that, I am eternally grateful to you.

I would also like to congratulate my fellow winners and all the 9500+ artists who participated in the contest for giving their best shots. Not winning doesn't mean you're bad and winning doesn't necessarily equate to greatness. This is just one of the many contests that happen in dA so let's all continue doing art.

PS: This victory is dedicated to my beloved Bella Sinclair who unfortunately can't celebrate with me due to the passing of her husband. If by any chance you drop by, I would like you to know that we've won. I didn't have the chance to tell you earlier but here it is. I hope this makes you smile. My thoughts are with you dear.


  1. How absolutely brilliant Bjornik (I don't know how to do the 'o' of yours). You thoroughly deserve it and the work that came number one must be amazing to have beaten you. Excellent news.

  2. You absolutely deserve this! You are an amazing talent, and a generous spirit as well! Bravo and congrats love!

  3. Congrats bjornik and to all the fellow winners too!
    Your artworks are amazingly beautiful and engaging! I look at it first time "WoW!
    Second time....I ponder for it's meaning.
    Third time...I appreciate it again and again!
    Love the colour acrylic piece below.
    It's very beautiful beyound description:)
    Keep up your good work!

  4. congratulations! i liked your piece very much! all the entries were stunning!

  5. Congratulations! Your work truly deserves it!

  6. Nice job. I'd love one of those tablets.

  7. you deserved the prize. they are worth the effort :) congrats again!

  8. So deserving of that win, this is really spectacular.

  9. Congratulations - wonderful work - you must be thrilled!

  10. Where have you gone? I want to see more posts! Again, congratulations.

  11. Oh Bjornik I am so happy for you. You are beyond amazing. Congratulations.

    Your dedication to our dear Bella is beautiful Bjornik, I know that she will be so touched.

    Love to you my dearest.

    Love Renee xoxoo

  12. Congratulations! Your work is awe inspiring!

  13. You are such a humble person.
    I am happy that you are so positive and at the same time your works have inspired many.
    Thank you to pass on the lovely massage about your love, care and support with Bella Sinclair.

    Are you busy at the moment?
    Hope you are keeping well. I am dropping by to say hello!

  14. honestly i look at your work and can't believe a human made it - it is almost celestial - every work you do is awe-inspiring...